business 100 chapter 4 part 3

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  1. joint venture
    an agrement between two or more groups to form a business entirely in order to achieve a specific period of time
  2. syndicate
    a temporary association of individuals or firms organized to preform a specific task that requires a large amount of capital
  3. merger
    the purchase of one corporation by another
  4. hostile takeover
    a situation in which the management and board of diectors of a firm targeted for acquisition disapporve of the merger
  5. tender offer
    an offer to purchase the stock of a firm targed for acquisition at a price just high enough to tempt stockholders to sell their shares
  6. proxy fight
    a thechnique used to gather enough stockholder votes to control a targeted company
  7. horizontal merger
    a merger between firms that make and sell similar products or services in similar markets
  8. vertical mergers
    a merger between firms that operate at different but relative levels in the production and marketing of a product
  9. conglomerate merger
    takes place between firms in completely different industries
  10. leveraged buyout
    a purchase agreement that allows a firms managers and employees or a group of investors to purchase the company

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business 100 chapter 4 part 3
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