Spanish Vocab Chapter 2 section 1

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  1. Algo Mas?
    Anything else?
  2. arreglar la sala
    to clean up the living room
  3. cortar el cesped
    to mow the lawn
  4. Debes lavar los platos
    You should wash the dishes
  5. decorar el patio
    to decorate the patio
  6. limpiar el bano
    to clean the bathroom
  7. No te olvides de cortar el cesped
    dont forget to cut the grass
  8. Pasa la aspiroda en la sala
    Vacuum the livng room
  9. Poner
    to put
  10. Poner la mesa
    to set the table
  11. preparar la cena
    to make dinner
  12. Puedo Ayduarte?
    Can I help you?
  13. Que hay que hacer en la cocina?
    What needs to be done in the kitchen?
  14. Que mas tengo que hacer?
    What else do i have to do?
  15. sacar la basura
    to take out the trash
  16. Tenemos que poner el postre/ los refrescos en el refrigerador
    we have to put out the dessert/ the drinks in the refrigerator
  17. Vamos a limpiar
    We're going to clean...
  18. Adonde piensan ir esta noche?
    Where do you plan to tonight?
  19. concer el centro
    to get to know downtown
  20. Vamos a celebrar.....
    We're going to celebrate....
  21. ir al zoologico
    to go to the zoo
  22. ir de compras al mercado
    to go shopping at the mall
  23. No se. Tengo ganas de...
    i dont know. i feel like...
  24. pasear en bote
    to go boating
  25. Prefieres....o......?
    do you prefer....or........?
  26. Preferio...
    I prefer...
  27. Que quires hacer esta tarde?
    What do you want to do this afternoon?
  28. Quiero ir a.....
    i want to go to....
  29. salir
    to go out
  30. Tienes planes para....?
    Do you have plans for.......?
  31. Vamos a ir a....
    we're going to.....
  32. visitar un museo
    to visit a museum
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