Romeo and Juliet Vocab

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  1. discord
    lack of agreement, tention, strife, contention
  2. submissive
    yielding of surrending oneself to the will of another
  3. feint
    a false appearence, a fake punch to occupy defences allowing a real blow, a trick
  4. dexterous
    skillful and active with the hands; manually skillful, handy
  5. dissemble
    to disguise, pretend, to disguise the truth, give a false appearence
  6. beguile
    to decieive, to mislead, to persuade with charm to delude
  7. calamity
    a serious event causing distress or misfourtune, cataclysm, catastrophe
  8. perjury
    false testimony under oath, bearing false witness, lying under oath
  9. ascend
    to move upward, to rise from a lower station, climb, advance
  10. vexation
    discomforrt or distress; annoyance; annoyance, nuisance, irritation
  11. entready
    a plea, an earnest request, appeal
  12. utter
    to express by speaking, to speak, emit, pronounce
  13. idolatry
    worship of idols, excessive devotion, obsession, mania
  14. repose
    to lie to be at rest
  15. air
    to make a public utterance, to verbalize or speak
  16. baleful
    destructive, deadly, malig, sinister, harmful
  17. intercede
    to intervene and to act as a mediator, to arbitrate or interpose
  18. forsake
    to quit or to leave entirely, to depart or to withdraw from; leave, desert, abandon
  19. chide
    to voice disaproval, to scold, admonish
  20. rancor
    bitter deep-seated ill will, enimity, animosity
  21. profane
    showing contempt toward sacred things; to violate, desecrate or defame
  22. partisan
    a weapon having a blade with lateral projections mounteed on the end of a long shaft, used chiefly in the 16th and 17th centuries; one who exhibits extreme or possible blind allegiance to a group
  23. pernicious
    very destructive or harmful, deadly, baneful, detrimental
  24. covert
    secret, concealed, clandestine, furtive, stealthy
  25. portant
    a sign of forewarning
  26. galling
    very irratating, vexing, bitter
  27. accord
    agreement, state of harmony
  28. wanton
    immortal, lewd
  29. virtuous
    having excellent morals, righteous, ethical, noble
  30. disparage
    to degrade, to speak of someone or something in a derogatory manner, to belittle
  31. supple
    easily bet, elastic, pliable
  32. stark
    harsh, grim, or desolate
  33. prostration
    a stretching out due to lacking vitality and being completly overcome
  34. lament
    to mourn or to express sorrow in a demonstrative manner
  35. meloncholy
    depression of spirits, soberly thoughtful
  36. inundate
    to cover with water, to flood, to overflow
  37. pensive
    deeply thoughtful, meditative, reflective
  38. resolute
    characterized by a decided purpose, staunch
  39. treachery
    violation of faith; betrayal of faith, treason, disloyalty
  40. dirge
    funeral hymn, lament, a slow mournful musical composition
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