human sexual psychology chapter 2

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  1. goals of research
    to explain, to predict, and to control
  2. case study
    A nonexperimental research method that examines either a single subject or a small group of subjects individually and in depth
  3. survey
    A research method in which a sample of people are ques-tioned about their behaviors and/ or attitudes
  4. the national health and social life survey
    a plan for a national survey to assess the prevalence of a broad array of sexual practices and attitudes and to place them in their social contexts within the U. S. population, proposed in 1987 for proposals to study the sexual attitudes and practices of Ameri-can adults
  5. masters and johnson
    used direct observation in a laboratory setting to learn about physiological changes during sexual arousal, found that arousel reaction seemed to be the same in both male & female
  6. Independant variable
    the condition or component being manipulated by the experimentor
  7. Alfred Kinsey
    first person to completely study sexual practices, jad his students do in person interviews, asked the interviewees what there sexual practice was
  8. direct observation
    A method of research in which subjects are observed as they go about their activities
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human sexual psychology chapter 2
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