BFC Ch.1 Vocab

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  1. Patterns of Communication
    ways in which we choose to organize any exchange of messages
  2. Self-Concept
    how we think and feel about ourselves

    first step in human communication
  3. Perceptions
    details that we select, organize, and interpret from our surroundings

    have a direct impact on how we understand what we experience
  4. Motives
    goals and desires that drive us to communicate
  5. Intrapersonal Communication
    communication process that happens within your own thoughts

    self concept formation, reasoning, conscious thought
  6. Interpersonal Communication
    study of interactions between two people used to develop, maintain, or dissolve relationships
  7. Dyad
    Greek term for a pair
  8. Content Messages
    surface exchange of information
  9. Relational Messages
    reinforce or readjust the rules of interaction between people
  10. Self-Disclosure
    sharing of personal information with the people we trust

    principal tool for managing relationships
  11. Interview
    specialized form of interpersonal communication

    • objectives:
    • -gather/give out info
    • -provide counseling and personal support
    • -deliver persuasive messages
    • -evaluate factors (job performance)
  12. Culture
    the established identity, size, and goals/needs of the members of a structure
  13. Small Group Communication
    interpersonal communication among three or more people who perceive themselves as a group working toward a shared purpose/goal

    free and spontaneous interaction in task or social groups
  14. Organizational Communication
    focuses on dynamics of communication related to structured groups

    efficient flow of messages throughout the heirarchy of a structured group
  15. Presentational Communication
    create relationships between presenters and a live audience
  16. Mass Communication "the media"
    the use of technology to link a message generated /edited by a complex organization to a diverse audience

    • characteristics:
    • - some form of tech to amplify messages
    • -complex organization
    • -big business
    • -same messages for all, not specialized
  17. Gatekeepers
    content watchdogs who filter what we see and hear
  18. Multi-Cultural Communication
    ways in which mutual understanding of contrasting cultural norms can improve social relationships

    bridges and explores cultural differences
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