BFC Ch.2 Vocab

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  1. Perception
    process of selecting, organizing, and interpreting stimuli from our environment
  2. Selection
    aspect of perception that allows us to pay attention to some information and omit other data
  3. Motive
    inner drive that causes us to select certain stimiuli that we need from our environment
  4. Repetition
    can dictate which information we notice
  5. Figure and Ground
    focus on some information and place other stimuli in the background
  6. Closure
    filling in data that is absent to organize
  7. Proximity
    closeness or nearness of stimuli
  8. Similarity
    when things resemble each other in form, value, color, size, or other aspects
  9. Interpretation
    assigning meaning to information we receive
  10. Physiology
    how we perceive the world through the physical aspects of our bodies at a given time (physical / emotional states)
  11. Self-Perception
    represents the way we feel about ourselves in our minds and how we see ourselves
  12. Culture 2
    behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, thoughts, and products that are characteristics of a community or population
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