BAS Ch.2 Vocab

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  1. Style of delivery
    method of presenting material

    • types:
    • -extemporaneous
    • -manuscript
    • -impromptu
    • -memorized
  2. Extemporaneous
    • -researches topic
    • -prepares outline
    • -employs speaking notes
    • -develop eye contact
    • -adapt to feedback
    • -concentrate on sequence of ideas rather than word or sentence order
  3. Manuscript
    • -where precision and detail are extremely important
    • -word-for-word
  4. Impromptu
    • -surprise speech
    • -without notes or prior preparation
  5. Memorized
    • -constant eye contact and accurate timing are necessary
    • -monotone, sound mechanical
  6. Informative Speech
    enlighten and educate audiences

    define concepts, demonstrate procedures,
  7. Persuasive Speech
    influence and alter the beliefs, feelings, or behaviors of listeners
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