Human Sexual Psychology Chapter 5

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  1. Factors influencing gender roles
    -parents, peers, schools, textbooks, television and religion
  2. Sequence of prenatal differentiation
    • -undifferentiated before sixth week
    • -week 7-8, genital fold(becomes shaft of penis or labia minora) labioscrotal swelling(becomes scrotum or labia majora)
    • -fully developed my 12th week
    • -Testes (6-8 weeks), Male=TDF, SRY, Testosterone, Mullarian Inhibiting Substance
    • -Ovasries(11 weeks), DSS
  3. Sex differences in brain
    -differences between the male and female hypothalamus to the presence or absence of circulating testosterone during prenatal differentiation
  4. Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome
    -46 chromosomes, XY, undecended testes, lacks a normal set of either male or female internal structures, normal female genitals and a shallow vagina, sterile, at puberty, breast development and other signs of normal female sexual maturation appear, but menstration does not occur
  5. Decisions about intersexed children
    • -some argue that intersexed infants need to be unambiguously assigned a gender at the earliest possible age, endorses surgical and/or hormonal intervention to minimize gender confusion
    • -some argue genital-altering surgeries(which later might need to be reversed) should be avoided during the early years of development
    • -also, quality counseling and accurate information should be provided to both the child and his or her parents during the developmental years to ensure that the child is eventually able to make an informed decisionabout any additional treatment steps (such as surgery or hormones)
  6. sex reassignment
    • -Male to Female, Female to Male
    • -Penis surgically changed to vagina
    • -Vagina surgically changed to penis
    • -Male to Female surgeries are more successful
  7. Parent and offspring interactions
    • -how parents treat child as they are growing up
    • -toys they buy the child
    • -clothes they buy
  8. Gender Identity
    -who we are-our own subjective sense of being male, female or some combination of the two
  9. Transsexuality
    -a transsexual person is a person whose gender identity is opposite to his or her biological sex
  10. Androgynous
    -A chromosomally normal (XX) female who, as a result of excessive exposure to androgens during prenatal sex differention, develops external genitalia resembling those of a male
  11. Impact of education on gender roles
    • -schools don't teach about sexes other than male and female
    • -sex classes are limited
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