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  1. What are the 4 dimensions of a business
    • •The Product-Market Investment Strategy – where to compete
    • •The Customer Value Proposition
    • •Assets and Competencies
    • •Functional Strategies and Programs
  2. What are the 4 alternatives for investment and when might you use them?
    • •Invest to grow (or enter a product market)
    • •Invest only to maintain the existing position
    • •Milk the business by minimizing investment
    • •Recover as many of the assets as possible by
    • liquidating or divesting the business
  3. What are the possible growth directions?
    • 1. market penetration
    • 2. product expansion
    • 3. Market Expansion
    • 4. diversification
  4. What is the Customer Value Proposition (CVP) and
    what are the perceived benefits to the customer? What are some examples of CVPs?
    • Perceived benefit to
    • customer:
    • •Functional
    • •Emotional
    • •Social
    • •Self-Expressive
    • Ex:
    • •A good value
    • •Excellence on an important product or service attribute
    • •The best overall quality
    • •Product line breadth
    • •Innovative offerings
    • •A shared passion for an activity or a product
    • •Global
    • connections and prestige
  5. What are strategic assets and strategic
    competencies, and why are they important to have?
    Strategic Competency:

    • –What a business unit does
    • exceptionally well

    • –Has strategic importance to the
    • business

    –Based on knowledge or a process

    Strategic Asset:

    • –A resource
    • ----------------
  6. What are some examples of functional
    • •Manufacturing
    • strategy

    • •Distribution
    • strategy

    • •Brand-building
    • strategy

    •Communication strategy

    •Information technology strategy

    • Sourcing Strategy
    • •Global strategy

    •Logistical strategy

    •Quality program

    • •Customer relationship
    • program

    • •Social technology
    • strategy
  7. What are the 5 criteria used to select a
    business strategy
    •Is the ROI attractive?

    •Is there a SCA?

    •Will the strategy have success in the future?

    •Is the strategy feasible?

    • •Does the strategy fit with the other
    • strategies of the firm?
  8. What is an SCA and how is it different from a
    strategic competency?
  9. What are the 7 objectives of strategic market
    • •Precipitate
    • the consideration of strategic choices.

    • •Help
    • a business cope with change.

    • •Force
    • a long-range view.

    • •Make
    • visible the resource allocation decision.

    • •Aid
    • strategic analysis and decision making.

    • •Provide
    • a strategic management and control system.

    • •Provide
    • both horizontal and vertical communication and coordination systems.
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