Micro lab

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  1. What is the 40x objective?
    another name for the high dry objective
  2. What is a wet mount?
    a way to mount a living suspension of organisms
  3. Name two reason why we use a wet mount?
    • see Motility
    • cellular arrangements
    • undistorted organisms
  4. Name a tip for success when using a microscope?
    • Always start out using the 10x
    • dont turn the light all the way on
    • always clean the objectives before using
  5. What is Potato Dextros Agar?
    Media used for the general growth of molds and fungi
  6. What is differential Media?
    Media that contains substances that allow certain groups of bacteria to appear different from others
  7. What is complex media
    • used for general isolation of organisms
    • Media in which the exact chemial composition is not known
  8. What is staph
    the prefix for cellular arrangements in which the organisms are in clusters
  9. Name two words usded to describe the form of a colony?
    • punctiform,
    • round, circular
    • irregular, rhizoid
    • curled, spindle
    • filamentes
  10. The four types of sterilization?
    • wet
    • dry
    • filtration
    • gaseous sterilization
  11. What is aseptic technique?
    a tecnhique used to reduce the amount of contaminants introduced to steril environments and cultures
  12. Streak platingi purpose?
    a mehtod of culturing bacteria that allows pure individual colonies to be grown
  13. Calculate the CFU/ ml in the original sample?
    your plate of dilution factor 10-4 grew 50 colonies
    = 500,000
    your plate od dilution factor 10
  14. What is dilution plating?
    • a method used to estimate the numbers of bacteria in a sample
    • ex= soil, water, or food
  15. The Ziehl Neelsen stain?
    technique stains acid fast bacteria pink
  16. Name the media that has both selective and differential components?
    • MSA
    • mannitol fermentation
    • high salt selects Gram +
    • MacConkeys
    • lactose fermentation
    • bile selects Gram -
  17. What is Gram Staining?
    The staining procedure that differentiates between cells based on the composition of their cell walls
  18. In cram staining this type of cell turn out to be a purplish color when the procedure is complete?
    Gram positive cells
  19. What is a capsule stain?
    a negative satin
  20. The shaeffer-fulton stain?
    the stain that distingquishes between endospores and vegatative cells
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