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  1. Define Paralleism:
    The correspondence which occurs between phrases of a poetic line
  2. Define Poetic Line:
    One complete parallelism
  3. Define Poetic phrase:
    Several make up a poetic line
  4. Define monocolon.
    Poetic line with only one phrase
  5. Define bicolon.
    Poetic line with two phrases
  6. Define tricolon.
    Poetic line with three phrases
  7. What is the "early view" of interpreting parallelism?
    The A does not equal B approach
  8. What does longman mean by the "traditional approach" to interpreting paralleism?
    A = B
  9. What does Longman mean by the proper approach to interpreting parallelism?
    A, whats more B
  10. List the seven categories of parallelism the Longman mentions.
    • 1. Synonymous
    • 2. Antithetic
    • 3. Sinthetic
    • 4. Emblematic
    • 5. Repetitive
    • 6. Pivot Pattern
    • 7. Chiasm
  11. What is synonymous parralelism?
    The repetition of the same thought in two different phrases, using two different, yet closley related, sets of words
  12. What is antithetic parralelism?
    The same thought is expressed, but expressed from two different and often opposite perspectives
  13. What is synthetic parralelism?
    Line in which the second phrase completes or supplements the first.
  14. What is emblematic parralelism?
    Explicity draws an analogy
  15. What is repetitive parralelism?
    Begins with a statement in the first phrase which is partially repeated in the second but carried further than it would be in a synonmous parallelism
  16. What is a pivot pattern?
    A word or clause which stands in the middle of the poetic line and which can and should be read with A and B phrases.
  17. What is a chasim?
    A chastic line takes the form of an "x"
  18. What is grammatical parallelism?
    It charts the similarities and differences between the parts of the speech used in related phrases (morphology) and also in the word order (syntax)
  19. What is ellipsis?
    The second phrase will omit part of the first clause with the understanding that the omitted part of the first clause is to be read into the seond clause.
  20. What is inclusio?
    A repetition that opens and closes a poem.
  21. What is acrostic poetry?
    A poem where the first letter of each line taken together, forms a recognizable pattern.
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