Management test 2

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  1. Define Funeral Service Management
    the administration of a funeral service enterprise, the activities of which encompass marketing, office, personnel, facilities, and financial management.
  2. This is the acheiving the goals of the funeral home through the use of people and resources.
    funeral home management
  3. Management
    the art and science of motivating people toward the achievement of a goal
  4. What are the primary objectives of a funeral home?
    1. properly care for the deceased

    2. fulfiling the needs of client families

    3. fulfiling the needs the community resulting from health
  5. What are the secondary objectives of the funeral home
    Ensuring funds are available for:

    1. meeting expenses

    2. provide reasonable return on investment

    3. making capital investments
  6. A decrease in assets, other than withdrawals by the owner, which result from efforts to produce revenues
  7. Planning
    that function of determining in advance what needs to be accomplished in order to achieve a particular goal
  8. fundamental statements that serve as guides to management practice
    business policies
  9. Objectives
    specific statements of ends, the achievement of which are contemplated withing a specific time period
  10. These usually have a measurable basis for determining the extent to which they have been achieved, and are quantative
  11. broad statements about what an organization wants to achieve
  12. These arer motivational in nature and have no time period
  13. Human resource panning
    developing a comprehensive strategy for meeting future human resouce needs
  14. What are the functions of management as related to funeral service practice
    • Planning
    • Organizing
    • Motivation
    • Directing/actuating
    • controlling/ evaluating
  15. Organizing
    to arrange or constitute in interdependent parts, each having a specific function or relation with respect to the whole, the arrangement and distriution of work among members of an organization
  16. This functino of management is the most time consuming
  17. This is the energizing, channeling, and sustaining peoples behavior. this is accomplished by understanding employees needs and wants and integrating those factors with the goals and ojectives of the company
  18. what is another word for directing
  19. what is another term for evaluating
  20. regulateing the activities or course of activities of an organization; to guide and/or supervise the activities of a n organization.
  21. Staffing
    a management function dealing with the recruitment, selection, placement, training, development, and appraisal of the employees of the firm
  22. A management function which compares organizational and individual performance with predetermined standards or expected results.
  23. T/F funaral service managers are responsible for the proper care and disposition of remains to protect and ensure public health and safety
  24. T/F funeral service managers are not responsible for ensuring the dignity of the deceased in regards to proper care, handling, preperation and disposition
    F. They are
  25. T/F funeral service managers have a responsibility to protect personal information of the deceased and the client family
  26. what is caveat venditor
    let the seller beware
  27. Human relations
    motivating people in organizations to develop teamwork which effectively fulfills their needs and achieves organizational objectives
  28. The efforts of all members of an organization directed to ensure that quality in the production of goods and services is achieved
    TQM(total quality management
  29. You are reviewed by your boss, collegues, and customers
  30. a superiors act of granting to subordinates, on the basis of competence, the right to act or decide
    delegation of authority
  31. chain of command
    the superior subordinate relationship that serves as a channel for two way communication
  32. B.B.B
    Better business bureau- association of business firms that promotes ethical conduct by all business firms in a community
  33. an association of business people who attempt to protect and promote the commercial interests in a community
    Chamber of commerce
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