Psych 111 Exam 2 - Ch 9 Summary

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  1. What are the five summary questions for chapter 9 (motivation and emotion)
    • -How does motivation activate, direct, and sustain behavior?
    • -What determines how we eat?
    • -What factors motivate sexual behavior?
    • -How are emotions adaptive?
    • -How do people experience emotions?
  2. How does motivation activate, direct, and sustain behavior?
    • -multiple factors motivate behavior
    • -some behaviors are motivated for their own sake
    • -people set goals to achieve
    • -people have a need to belong
  3. What determines how we eat?
    • -times and taste play roles
    • -culture determines what we eat
    • -multiple neural processes control eating
  4. What factors motivate sexual behavior?
    • -biological factors influence sexual behavior
    • -cultural scripts and cultural rules shape sexual interactions
    • -mating strategies differ between the sexes
    • -people differ in sexual orientation
  5. How are emotions adaptive?
    • -facial expressions communicate emotion
    • -emotions serve cognitive functions
    • -emotions strengthen interpersonal relations
  6. How do people experience emotions?
    • -emotions have a subjective component
    • -emotions have a physiological component
    • -emotions have a cognitive component
    • -people regulate their moods

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Chapter 9 Summary
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