Psych 111 Exam 2 - Ch 10 Summary

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  1. Chapter 10 summary questions (health and well-being)
    (There are four)
    • -Can psychosocial factors affect health?
    • -How do people cope with stress?
    • -What behaviors afect mental and physical health?
    • -Can a positive attitude keep us healthy?
  2. Can psychosocial factors affect health?
    • -the biopsychsocial model of health incorporates multiple perspectives for understanding and improving health
    • -behavior contributes to the leading causes of death
    • -placebos can be powerful medicine
  3. How do people cope with stress?
    • -stress has physiological components
    • -there are sex differences in reponses to stressors
    • -the general adaption syndrome is a bodily response to stress
    • -stress affects health
    • -coping is a process
  4. What behaviors affect mental and physical health?
    • -obesity results from a genetic predisposition and overeating
    • -smoking is a leading cause of death
    • -exercise has physical, emotional, and cognitive behaviors
    • -there are ethnic differences in health behaviors
  5. Can a positive attitude keep us healthy?
    • -being positive has health benefits
    • -social support and social integration are associated with good health
    • -trust and health are related across cultures
    • -spirituality contributes to well-being
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Chapter 10 Summary
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