day 9, stems II , botany

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  1. Primary tissue (4)
    -comes from apical meristem and primary meristem

    -newer or younger growth


    -annuals (never get woody)
  2. Secondary Tissue (4)
    - secondary meristem/lateral meristem and Cork Cambium

    - older growth is at the bottom

    -woody (trees)

    -perennials (old plants)
  3. Vascular cambium (4)
    -forms ring of dividing cells

    -increases width

    -forms secondary tissue

    -forms tree or growth rings
  4. Vascular cambium gets pushed towards inside or outside?
  5. Secondary xylem
    -forms inside of vascular cambium

    -makes wood

    -growth or tree rings= 1 ring per year

    -older trees
  6. Early or springwood
    -forms in spring

    larger vessels
  7. Later or summerwood
    forms later in summertime

    -smaller vessels
  8. Older trees...
    • consists mostly of wood
    • -not all functioning

    *Sapwood and Heartwood
  9. Sapwood (3)
    -outside of a tree

    -conducts water

    -lighter colored still functions
  10. Heartwood (5)
    center of tree

    -xylem not conducting

    -storage instead

    -older, darker wood at center

    -support and strength
  11. Secondary Phloem
    -forms outside of the vasicular cambium

    -makes inner bark

    • -thinner and less durable than secondary xylem
    • *often wears away
  12. Bark (in older trees)
    Everything outside of the vasicular cambium
  13. Inner bark
    secondary phloem
  14. Outer bark
    -mostly from cork cambium

    -forms cork and phelloderm
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