Microbial Growth-5

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  1. What is meant by cell growth?
    Cell growth is an increase in the number of cells. It involves 2000 chemical reactions.
  2. What are Fts proteins?
    Filamentous temperature sensitive, essential for cell division.
  3. Where are FtsZ proteins found?
    All prokaryotes, mitochondria and chloroplasts.
  4. Fts proteins interact to form a cell-division apparatus called the ___
  5. List the steps in the formation of the divisome.
    • 1. Attachment of FtsZ in ring structure around center of cell (defines division plane)
    • 2. Polymerizes to form ring (attracting other Fts proteins)
    • 3. Synthesis of new membrane and cell wall in both directions
    • 4. DNA replication prior to FtsZ ring formation
    • 5. Copies of nucleoid pulled apart as FtsZ ring constricts
    • 6. FtsZ ring depolymerizes (inward growth of wall)
    • 7. FtsZ hydrolyzes GTP for energy
  6. What do ZipA proteins do?
    ZipA is an anchor that connects the FtsZ ring to the cytoplasmic membrane and stabilizes it.
  7. What do FtsA proteins do?
    FtsA is a protein related to actin, also helps connect the FtsZ ring to the cytoplasmic membrane and has an additional role in recruiting other divisiome proteins.
  8. What are FtsI proteins?
    They are one of several penicillin binding proteins present in a cell. They are needed for peptidoglycan synthesis.
  9. What defines cell shape in general?
    Specific Proteins
  10. MreB?
    Forms filamentous spiral-shaped bands around the inside cell under the cytoplasmic membrane.

    The MreB cytoskeleton defines shape and recruits other proteins

    Lacking in cocci.. default shape is coccus
  11. What is the name of the enzyme that cut bonds connecting areas of preexisting peptidoglycan with simultaneous insertion of new pieces of peptodoglycan.
  12. Where does the assembly of polymers occur during the biosynthesis of peptidoglycan?
    Outside the cytoplasmic membrane.
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