vocab workshop unit 10

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  1. acquiesce
    v. to give in without protest, consent
  2. wastrel
    n. a good-for-nothing a loafer
  3. askew
    adj. or adv. crooked, lopsided
  4. vanguard
    n. cutting edge, leading postition
  5. blithe
    adj. cheerful, lighthearted
  6. allure
    n. or v. to entice, tempt
  7. sonorous
    adj. rich in sound
  8. covet
    v. crave, yearn
  9. retribution
    n. repayment, punishment
  10. contentious
    adj. quarrlesome, arguementative
  11. sinuous
    adj. twisting, winding
  12. disheveled
    adj. untidy, unkempt, disarranged
  13. crestfallen
    adj. discouraged dejected
  14. garrulous
    adj. talkative
  15. exponet
    n. advocate, defender
  16. lamentable
    adj. regrettable, pitiful
  17. insuperable
    adj. invincible, insurmountable
  18. profess
    v. declare, claim
  19. misnomer
    n. misleading name
  20. respite
    n. period of relief or rest.
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vocab workshop unit 10
vocab workshop unit 10
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