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  1. Name the 5 steps of the scientific method:
    • Formulate a problem
    • formulate a hypothesis
    • collect data
    • analyze data
    • make conclusions
  2. Which step of the scientific method is to ask a question?
    formulate a problem
  3. Which step of the scientific method is a propsed answer to questions?
    formulate a hypothesis
  4. a statement that relflects the research question - you will prove or disprove it
  5. claims that there is no significant difference one way or another. Any difference in the positive or negative will prove your hypothesis false.
    Null hypothesis
  6. consistency between examiners and methods
  7. gathering only the data that was intended to be collected
  8. the consistency and stability of the data
  9. two or more examiners agree in their findings
    inter-rater reliability
  10. the same examiner can agree with himself
    intra-rater reliability
  11. the entire group of individuals that have characteristics you want to study
    target population
  12. because of limited resources you can't study every individual in a target population, you must take samples of the population and draw conclusions from that sample
  13. each member of the population has equal chance of getting picked
    random sampling
  14. randomly selecting participants from a certain strata or group
    stratified sampling
  15. select subjects by including every nth person on a list
    systemic sampling
  16. using the group that is most readily available
    convenience sampling
  17. The same group that recieves the experimental tx
    experimental group
  18. the sample group that does not receive the tx - though they think they do. The placebo group
    control group
  19. groups are randomly assigned to the control or experimental groups; after a specified length of time, the participants switch
    crossover control
  20. one side of the mouth is used for experimental tx while the other side of the mouth is left untreated as control
  21. investigators and subjects don't know who's taking the placebo
    double-blind studies
  22. using a control group is impossible or impractical
  23. the outcome you are trying to study:
    in a study about the effectiveness of a high BP med, you are trying to see the outcome by measuring the pts BP; what is the BP?
    dependant variable
  24. What affects the outcome; in a study about the effectiveness of a high blood pressure med; the med is what?
    the independant variable
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