Athletic Training

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  1. prophalyaxsis
    treatment used to prevent disease and injury
  2. spica
    • bandage in which 1 loop is larger than other
    • shoulder, hip, thumb
  3. adhessive mass
    • adhering capacity and quality of tape
    • sticky!
  4. cravat
    bandage made by folding a triangular piece of cloth from its apex toward the base
  5. tape grade
    indication of the quality of tape based on the number of longitudinal and vertical fibers
  6. gauze
    • comes in 3 forms
    • roller bandage for holding dressings & compresses in place
    • padding (heel and lace pads)
    • sterile pads for wounds
  7. cotton cloth
    primarily for cloth ankle wraps and for triangular & cravat bandages
  8. elastic bandage
    • active bandages- allows athlete to move w/o restrictions
    • act as compression bandage and provide support
  9. cohesive elastic bandage
    • Co-Flex
    • exerts constant, even pressure
    • adhere to itself, comes in variety of lengths & widths
  10. ace wraps
    • width & length vary -- come in single and double
    • 2" - hand, finger, toe, hand
    • 3" - extremities
    • 4" - thigh, groin, shoulder, hip
    • 6" - thigh, groin, shoulder, hip, trunk
  11. Factors to consider when purchasing linen adhesive tape?
    • Cost
    • Grade of backing
    • Adhessive mass
    • Winding tension
  12. bandage
    strip of cloth or other material used to cover a wound or hold a dressing in place
  13. dressing
    covering, protective or supportive, that is applied to an injury or wound
  14. Hepatitis B
    • results in swelling, soreness, and loss of normal liver function
    • 85% recover within 6-8 weeks
    • vaccination- 3 doses over 6 month period
  15. Hepatitis C
    • acute and chronic form of liver disease
    • leading indication for liver transplant
    • 80% infected show no symptoms
  16. HIV
    • retrovirus
    • enters host & changes its RNA to proviral DNA replica
    • may go 8-10 years before developing signs
  17. AIDS
    • individual has no protection against simplest infections
    • CANNOT predict when individual will show symptoms of AIDS
    • 50% develop within 10 years of HIV, usually die after 2 years
  18. prophylactic
    refers to prevention, preservation, or protection
  19. NOCSAE
    National Organizing Committee on Standards for Athletic equipment
  20. 3 types of mouth guards?
    • stock
    • commercial- boil
    • custom fabricated- formed over mold of maxillary arch
  21. Two types of football pads?
    • flat- qb, receiver, db
    • cantilevered- blocks and tackles a lot
  22. Hip and butt protection
    • collision and high velocity sports
    • hockey, football, amateur boxers, water skiers
  23. Groin and genitalia protection
    • involving high velocity projectiles
    • hockey, lacrosse, baseball
  24. Socks
    • poorly fitted places stress on foot
    • cotton/polyester blend
  25. Shoes
    poorly fitted can cause permanent structural deformities, calluses, blisters
  26. Commercial foot pads
    • foam, felt, plaster, aluminum, orthoplast
    • heel cup designed to reduce tissue shearing & foot shock
  27. Knee braces
    • should be cost effective and durable
    • should not interfere with normal knee function
    • should not harm other players
    • no knee brace fulfills all criteria
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