soccer referee signals

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  1. What the sign for Offside
  2. sign the AR gives to get attention
  3. Sign for Indirect free kick
    For an indirect kick, do the direction but then hold your arm straight up to indicate a goal cannot be scored directly.
  4. sign of Offsides by AR
  5. sign for a goal by the CR
  6. sign for atvantage
  7. AR sign for Corner Kick
  8. AR goal Kick sign
  9. AR Throw In
  10. CR Corner Kick
  11. CR Direct kick
  12. CR Goal Kick
  13. CR Throw in
  14. CR Penalty Kick
  15. Yellow Card
  16. I stole most of the photos for these cards from

    Seiwald, Christopher. "The Watch and the Whistle." N.p., n.d. Web. 9 Apr 2010. <>.

    What a cool site check it out!!

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soccer referee signals
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Soccer referee

signals soccer referees use
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