Unit 9 North Star

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  1. Enhance
    • en‧hance [transitive] to improve something
    • Повышение
  2. Proficiency
    pro‧fi‧cien‧cy [uncountable] a good standard of ability and skill

  3. Abstract reasoning
    • rea‧son‧ing [uncountable] a process of thinking carefully about something in order to make a judgment
    • Абстрактного мышления
  4. Self-esteem
    • self-esteem [uncountable] the feeling of being satisfied with your own abilities, and that you deserve to be liked or respected [↪ self-respect]
    • Чувство собственного достоинства
  5. Underscoring
    • un‧der‧score [transitive] especially American English1 to emphasize the fact that something is important or true
    • Подчеркивая
  6. Neurological
    • neu‧rol‧o‧gy [uncountable] medical the scientific study of the nervous system and its diseases
    • Неврологический
  7. Hallmark
    • hall‧mark [countable]1 an idea, method, or quality that is typical of a particular person or thing
    • Отличительный признак
  8. Sequential
    • se‧quen‧tial formal relating to or happening in a sequence
    • Последовательный
  9. Curriculum
    • cur‧ric‧u‧lum plural curricula, or curriculums [countable] the subjects that are taught by a school, college etc, or the things that are studied in a particular subject:
    • Учебный план
  10. Well-rounded
    • well-rounded1 a well-rounded person has a range of interests and skills and a variety of experience:
    • Хорошо округлые
  11. Bulding blocks
    • Строительные блоки
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