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  1. a medium size computer that can handle multiple users is a
  2. a restrictive endorsement is when
    the payee directs how the check is to be made payable.
  3. an insurance policy clause that restricts the overpayment of benefits when an insured has more than one policy is called
    coordination of benefits.
  4. what is considered a peripheral
  5. checking for and reparing demaged documents is part of what step in the filing process
    conditioning .
  6. an insurance company that sells or administers an insurance contract is alos known as the
  7. what is not an input device
  8. what is not and indexed rule
    initials come after complete names.
  9. MICR stands for
    magnetic ink character recognition.
  10. contractual clauses that identify additional coverage beyond what is standard are called
  11. minutes of a meeting do not include the
  12. what is not a secondary storage device
  13. a filling system that organizes items chronologically for action when the date arrives is called a
    numerical file .
  14. a check may be dishonored for which of the following reasons.
  15. which of the following ICD-9 CM codes might require an external cause code. E-code.
  16. a method of generating ideas whithout judgment or criticism is
  17. mail classification that includes books and manuscripts is
    special fourth class.
  18. what ICD-9 cm codes refer to factors that influence health status.
    V- codes
  19. what is funded by both federal and state revenues.
  20. what is not part of the management process
  21. what is not considered a part of the date processing cycle.
  22. what is not considered the closing of a letter
  23. what action would not be taken when speaking to an angry caller
    project a disrespectful tone.
  24. what diagnoses would be coded as indicated
    definitive poliomyelitis.
  25. leadership is best described as
    the process of working with and through people to achieve organization objectives willingly.
  26. the proces of activating the input of the operating system into main memory best describes
  27. when a letter requires a scond page the following information is typed in which order near the top of the second page.
    recipients name, page number, date.
  28. what is a high emergency priority
    cessation of breating.
  29. what is not subtracted form the bank statement during reconciliaton
    outstanding deposits.
  30. what commonly serves as a fiscal intermediary for the medicare program
    blue cross / blue shield.
  31. process of loading the software instructions onto the hard disk is called
  32. mail inadvertently opened should be
    resealed with teh notation opened in error.
  33. the long distance directory assistance number is
    411or 1+area code+555-1212
  34. which CPT modifier indicates that multiple modifiers have been assigned
  35. a predefined computer setting that is automatically loaded with each new document unless changed by the user is the
  36. upon receiving checks in the mail the MA should
    restrictively endorse them.
  37. an organizations ability to pay its debts is known as
  38. according to CPT coding conventions, terms aftera semicolon ;
    are part of , or clarify , a main term.
  39. what is the universal claim form developed by CMS
  40. an index of files on a disk is known as the
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