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  1. Historical (_____) is the intergenerational (_____) and psychological injury that results from "Native (_____)" and their ongoing oppression.
    trauma, emotional, Genocide
  2. Birth is viewed by the Lakota as the return of a (_____) to (_____) and a gift from the (_____). Women were the primary (_____), but men would assist with (_____) (_____) when not hunting.
    spirit, earth, Creator, caretakers, child care
  3. Social Worker should respect traditional Native (_____) and (_____)
    culture, spirituality
  4. Orland Espin (1997) pointed out, "religion is the (_____) of the experience of the (_____)
    socialization, divine
  5. Christ gave his (_____) (_____) the authority to preach, teach, and heal in the name.
    twelve, apostles
  6. Christ gave (_____) leadership over the newly established community, and (_____) presided as the first leader, or (_____), after the death and resurrection of Christ.
    Peter, Peter, pope
  7. (_____) is a symbol of the washing away of (_____) and of the new life one enters as a member of the (_____) community.
    Water, sin, Christian
  8. Through the early years of the nation, members of religous orders founded many (_____) in the United States for the education of (_____), Polish, (_____), and other (_____) immigrants.
    schools, Irish, Italian, Catholic
  9. In 1999, Catholics in the United States numbered (____) million, about (_____) % of the total population.
    61.5, 23
  10. When asked whether a person could be a good (_____) without performing certain actions, (_____) % of respondents said that a person could be a good Catholic without going to (_____) every Sunday, and (_____) % believed that it was not necessary to obey the church hierarchy's teachings on birth control.
    Catholic, 77, church, 72
  11. The (_____), or short course in Christianity, is a (_____) day renewal retreat in which participants rededicate themselves to (_____) ideals through study and their lives in (_____)
    cursillo, 3, Christian, Christ
  12. Historically, Protestantism began in 1517 wit the work of (_____) (_____), who was followed by other European theologians who broke away from the teachings and practices of the (_____) (_____) Church.
    Martin, Luther, Roman, Catholic
  13. God's actions also give people the (_____) that they will live again after (_____) in fellowship with God in (_____).
    hope, death, heaven
  14. Like other Christians, (_____) view death and suffering in the context of their belief that life continues (_____) (_____)
    Protestants, after, death
  15. There is a growing (_____) of the reality of divorce in the USA, with a consequent inclusion of divorced individuals in most (_____) groups, but the degree of the (_____) varies among specific (_____)
    acceptance, Protestant, acceptance, congregations
  16. On May 8 in 1845, 328 delegates gathered to organize the (_____) (_____) (_____) to ensure that Baptist in the South could hold slaves, particularly slave-holding missionaries who had been refused appointmentby (_____) Baptist.
    Southern, Baptist, Convention, Northern
  17. In 1895, three groups met in Atlanta to form the (_____)(_____) (_____) of (_____).
    National, Baptist, Convention, America
  18. The (_____) is an extremely important (_____) book, which (_____) are expected to read and reflect upon.
    Bible, holy, Baptist
  19. Briefly explain why did African American Baptist Churches separate from White Baptist Churches?
    The blacks were not allowed to worship as they wished. They had to hide and hold secret meetings.
  20. Why is the Passover important for Jewish?
    It is practiced to remember their ancestors journey out of Egypt to the Promise Land. It means "liberation". It is a symbol of freedom.
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