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  1. Adroit
    Skillful; dexterous; clever; shrewd; socially at ease
  2. Adage
    An old saying; A familiar bit of wisdom
  3. Affectation
    Unnatural or artificial behavior, usually intended to impress
  4. Adulterate
    To contaminate; To make impure
  5. Alacrity
    Cheerful eagerness; Readiness to respond
  6. Agrarian
    Related to land; Related to the management or farming land
  7. Amenable
    Obedient; Will to give in to the wishes of another; agreeable
  8. Ameliorate
    To make better or more tolerable
  9. Antipathy
    Firm dislike
  10. Amorphous
    Shapeless; Without form; Blob like
  11. Aphorism
    A brief often witty statement. A proverb
  12. Antithesis
    Direct opposite
  13. Apotheosis
    Elevation to divine status, The Perfect example of something.
  14. Apocryphal
    Of dubious authenticity;Fictitious;spurious
  15. Artifice
    Clever trick;cunning
  16. Approbation
    Approval; praise
  17. Assiduous
    Hardworking; Busy; quite diligent
  18. Ascetic
    Hermit like;Practicing self-denial
  19. Avuncular
    Like an uncle (particularly like a nice uncle)
  20. Austere
    Unadorned; stern; forbidding; without excess
  21. Blatant
    Unpleasantly or offensively noisy; Glaring
  22. Beleaguer
    To surround;To besiege; To harass
  23. Bucolic
    Charmingly rural; Rustic; country like
  24. Bourgeois
    Middle class(usually in a pejorative sense); Boringly conventional
  25. Burlesque
    Ludicrous; mocking; exaggerated imitation
  26. Burgeon
    To expand; To flourish
  27. Callow
  28. Cacophony
    A harsh-sounding mixture of words, voices, or sounds
  29. Chimera
    An illusion; A foolish fancy
  30. Categorical
    Unconditional; absolute
  31. Circumlocution
    An indirect expression; use of wordy or evasive language
  32. Choleric
    Hot tempered; Quick to anger
  33. Cognizant
    Aware; Conscious
  34. Cogent
    Powerfully convincing
  35. Concord
    Harmony; agreement
  36. Colloquial
    Conversational; informal in language
  37. Consummate
    Perfect; Complete; Supremely skilled
  38. Consonant
    Harmonious; in agreement
  39. Countenance
    Face; facial expression, especially an encouraging one
  40. Convivial
    Fond of partying; festive
  41. Decadent
    Decaying or decayed, especially in terms of morals
  42. Debacle
    Violent breakdown; sudden overthrow
  43. Deleterious
  44. Decorous
    Proper; in good tastes; orderly
  45. Demagogue
    A leader of people, but more a rabble rouser. Leads people for his own ends
  46. Delineate
    To describe accurately; to draw an outline
  47. Deride
    To ridicule; to laugh at contemptuously
  48. Denizen
  49. Despondent
    Extremely depressed; full of despair
  50. Desiccate
    To dry out
  51. Dialectical
    Relating to discussions; relating to the rules and methods of reasoning; approaching truth in the middle of extremes
  52. Desultory
    Without a plan or purpose; disconnected; random
  53. Didactic
    Intended to teach; morally instructive; pedantic
  54. Dictum
    An authoritative saying; an adage; a maxim; a proverb
  55. Discreet
    Prudent; judiciously reserved
  56. Dilettante
    Someone with superficial knowledge of the arts; a dabbler
  57. Disparate
    Different; incompatible; unequal
  58. Discrete
    Unconnected; separate; distinct
  59. Docile
    Easily taught; obedient; easy to handle
  60. Dissolution
    The breaking up or dissolving of something into parts; disintegration
  61. Ebullient
    Boiling; bubbling with excitement; exuberant
  62. Doctrinaire
    Inflexibly committed to a doctrine or theory without regard to its practicality; dogmatic
  63. Edify
    To enlighten; to instruct, especially in moral or religious matters
  64. Eclectic
    Choosing the best from many sources; drawn from many sources
  65. Effusion
    A pouring forth
  66. Efface
    To erase; to rub away the features of
  67. Egregious
    Extremely bad; flagrant
  68. Egalitarian
    Believing in the social and economic equality of all people
  69. Elliptical
    Oval; missing a word or words; obscure
  70. Elicit
    To bring out; to call forth
  71. Enervate
    To reduce the strength or energy of, especially to do it gradually
  72. Endemic
    Native; restricted to a particular region or era; indigenous
  73. Engender
    To bring into existence; to create; to cause
  74. Enfranchise
    To grant the privileges of citizenship, especially the right to vote
  75. Ephemeral
    Lasting a very short time
  76. Enormity
    Extreme evil; a hideous offense; Does not mean hugeness or great size
  77. Epitome
    A brief summary that captures meaning of the whole; the perfect example of something; A paradigm
  78. Epigram
    A brief and usually witty or satirical saying
  79. Equivocal
    Ambiguous; intentionally confusing; capable of being interpreted in more than one way
  80. Equanimity
    Composure; calm
  81. Esoteric
    Hard to understand; understood by only a select few; peculiar
  82. Erudite
    Scholarly; deeply learned
  83. Euphemism
    A pleasant or inoffensive expression used in place of an unpleasant or offensive one
  84. Espouse
    To support; to advocate
  85. Exemplify
    To illustrate by example; to serve as a good example
  86. Evanescent
    Fleeting; vanishing; happening for only the briefest period
  87. Exigency
    An emergency; an urgency
  88. Exhort
    To urge strongly; to give a serious warning to
  89. Expedient
    Providing an immediate advantage; serving one's immediate self-interest; practical
  90. Expatriate
    To throw (someone) out of his/her native land; to move away from one's native land; to emigrate
  91. Fabrication
    A lie, Something made up
  92. Exult
    To rejoice, to celebrate
  93. Farcical
    Absurd, ludicrous
  94. Facile
    Fluent; skillful in a superficial way; easy
  95. Fauna
  96. Fatuous
    Foolish; silly; idiotic
  97. Felicity
    Happiness; skillfulness, especially at expressing things; adeptness
  98. Fecund
    Fertile; productive
  99. Fidelity
    Faithfulness; loyalty
  100. Fervor
    A great warmth or earnestness; ardor; zeal
  101. Flout
    To disregard something out of disrespect
  102. Flagrant
    Glaringly bad; notorious; scandalous
  103. Foment
    To stir up; to instigate
  104. Foible
    A minor character flaw
  105. Founder
    To fail; to collapse; to sink
  106. Fortuitous
    Accidental; occurring by chance. Oft misused to mean lucky, but means merely accidental
  107. Genteel
    Refined; polite; aristocratic; affecting refinement
  108. Garrulous
    Talkative; chatty
  109. Grandiose
    Absurdly exaggerated
  110. Grandiloquent
    Pompous; using a lot of big fancy words in an attempt to sound impressive
  111. Gravity
  112. Gratuitous
    Given freely; unjustified; unprovoked; uncalled for
  113. Hackneyed
    Overused; trite; stale
  114. Gregarious
    Sociable; enjoying the company of others
  115. Harbinger
    A forerunner; a signal of
  116. Hapless
  117. Heresy
    Any belief that is strongly apposed to established beliefs
  118. Hegemony
    Leadership, especially of one nation over another
  119. Histrionic
    Overly dramatic; theatrical
  120. Hermetic
    Impervious to external influence, airtight
  121. Husbandry
    Thrifty management of resources; live-stock farming
  122. Homily
  123. Ignominy
    Deep disgrace
  124. Iconoclast
    One who attacks popular beliefs or institutions
  125. Impeccable
    Flawless, entirely without sin
  126. Imminent
    Just about to happen
  127. Ineffable
    Incapable of being expressed or described
  128. Incipient
    Beginning; emerging
  129. Insinuate
    To hint; to creep in
  130. Infatuated
    Foolish; foolishly passionate or attracted; made foolish; foolishly in love
  131. Intractable
    Uncontrollable; stubborn; disobedient
  132. Insipid
    Dull; bland; banal
  133. Invective
    Insulting or abusive speech
  134. Intransigent
    Uncompromising; stubborn
  135. Itinerant
    Moving from place to place
  136. Inveterate
    Habitual; firm in habit; deeply rooted
  137. Largess
    Generous giving of gifts( or the gifts themselves); generosity, philanthropy
  138. Laconic
    Using few words, especially to the point of seeming rude
  139. Loquacious
    Talking a lot or too much
  140. Laud
    To praise, to applaud, to extol; to celebrate
  141. Lugubrious
    Exaggeratedly mournful
  142. Lucid
    Clear; easy to understand
  143. Malinger
    To pretend to be sick to avoid work
  144. Machination
    Scheming activity for an evil purpose
  145. Matriculate
    To enroll, especially at college
  146. Manifest
    Visible; evident
  147. Mendacious
    Lying, dishonest
  148. Mellifluous
    Sweetly flowing (almost exclusively used to describe voices, music or sounds that flow sweetly like honey)
  149. Milieu
    Environment; surroundings
  150. Metamorphosis
    A magical change in form; a striking or sudden change
  151. Mortify
    To humiliate
  152. Moribund
  153. Obdurate
    Stubborn and insensitive
  154. Neologism
    A new word or phrase; a new usage of a word
  155. Obsequious
    Fawning; subservient; sucking up to
  156. Obfuscate
    To darken; to confuse; to make confusing
  157. Ostensible
    Apparent (but misleading); professed
  158. Officious
    Annoyingly eager to help or advise
  159. Panacea
    Something that cures everything
  160. Palliate
    To relieve or alleviate something without getting rid of the problem; to assuage; to mitigate
  161. Peccadillo
    A minor offense
  162. Parsimonious
  163. Pedestrian
    Unimaginative; banal
  164. Pedantic
    Boringly scholarly or academic
  165. Perfidy
  166. Pejorative
    Negative; disparaging
  167. Peripatetic
    Wandering; traveling continually; itinerant
  168. Perfunctory
    Unenthusiastic; careless
  169. Perquisite
    A privilege that goes with a job; a perk.
  170. Pernicious
    Deadly; extremely evil
  171. Philistine
    A smugly ignorant person with no appreciation of intellectual or artistic matters
  172. Peruse
    To read carefully (often misused to mean skim through)
  173. Precept
    A rule to live by; a principle establishing a certain kind of behavior or action; a maxim
  174. Polemic
    A powerful argument made in refutation of something
  175. Profligate
    Extravagantly wasteful and, usually, wildly immoral
  176. Precipitous
  177. Putative
    Commonly accepted; supposed; reputed. (when used you are emphasizing that the reason is supposed, not proven)
  178. Promulgate
    To proclaim; to publicly or formally declare something
  179. Recalcitrant
    Stubbornly defiant of authority or control; disobedient
  180. Qualify
    To modify or restrict
  181. Replete
    Completely filled; abounding
  182. Recondite
    Hard to understand; over one's head
  183. Salient
    Sticking out; conspicuous; leaping
  184. Sagacious
    Discerning; shrewd; keen in judgment; wise
  185. Sanguine
    Cheerful, optimistic; hopeful
  186. Salutary
    Healthful; remedial; curative
  187. Scrupulous
    Strict; careful; hesitant for ethical reasons
  188. Scintillate
    To sparkle, either literally or figuratively
  189. Sobriety
    The state of being sober; seriousness. A sober person is not drunk. It can also mean a person who is serious
  190. Serendipity
    Accidental good fortune; discovering good things without looking for them
  191. Stratum
    A layer; layers
  192. Stoic
    Indifferent (at least outwardly) to pleasure or pain, to joy or grief, to fortune or misfortune
  193. Sublime
    Awesome; extremely exalted; lofty; majestic
  194. Stricture
    Restriction; a limitation; a negative criticism
  195. Tacit
    Implied; not spoken
  196. Superfluous
    Extra; unnecessary, redundant
  197. Unctuous
    Oily (both literally or figuratively); insincere
  198. Tautological
    Redundant; circular
  199. Verisimilitude
    Similarity to reality; the appearance of truth; looking like the real thing
  200. Venal
    Capable of being bribed; Willing to do anything for money; corrupt
  201. Vicissitude
    Upheaval; natural change; change in fortune
  202. Vernacular
    Everyday speech; slang; idiom
  203. Vitriolic
    Caustic; full of bitterness
  204. Vitiate
    To make impure; to pollute
  205. Wanton
    Malicious; unjustifiable; unprovoked; egregious
  206. Vociferous
    Loud; noisy
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