das Chapter 7

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  1. abscess
    collection of pus
  2. albuminuria
    protein in urine
  3. catheter
    tube for withdrawing/inserting fluids
  4. cystoscopy
    visual exam of urinary bladder
  5. edema
    swelling and fluid in tissue spaces
  6. electrolyte
    molecule that carries an electric charge
  7. erythropoietin
    substance that forms RBCs
  8. glomerulonephritis
    inflammatin of glomerulus and kidney
  9. hematuria
    blood in urine
  10. meatal stenosis
    narrowing of opening to urinary tract to outside
  11. micturition
    act of urination
  12. nephrolithiasis
    • abnormal cond of stones in kidneys
    • (kidney stones)
  13. nephrosclerosis
    harding of kidneys
  14. pyelography
    xray record of renal pelvis
  15. renal ischemia
    to hold back blood from kidneys
  16. secondary hypertension
    hign blood pressure due to abnormal condition
  17. uremia
    waster in the blood
  18. ureteroneocystostomy
    new surgical opening between bladder and ureter
  19. urinary incontinence
    inability to hold urine in the bladder
  20. creatinine
    waste product of muscle and urine
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