7th Grade AP VOC

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  1. Proximity
    (n) closeness.

    The proximity of our house to the school allows children to walk to class.

    Syn: nearness. Ant: remoteness
  2. Quarry
    (n) the object of a chase; a hunted animal.

    After running down the wounded deer, the wild dogs feasted on their quarry.

    • Syn: prey; prize.
    • Ant: hunter.
  3. Regatta
    (n) a boat race or series of boat races.

    The annual regatta brought thousands of spectators to the small coastal town.
  4. Sordid
    (adj) immorally foul; vulgar.

    The police uncovered a sordid scheme to blackmail the senator.

    • Syn: shameful; disgusting.
    • Ant: pleasing; honorable.
  5. Stereotype
    • (n) an oversimplified image or opinion; one who embodies such
    • (v) to assign and oversimplified image or opinion to a group, usually discriminatory.

    • She incorrectly stereotyped the Swiss as comprised of only bankers, watchmakers, and cheese makers.
    • Syn: (n) generalization; label; paradigm; archetype (v) label; pigeonhole; categorize.
  6. Whet
    (v) to stimulate or excite.

    The smell of bread baking always whets my appetite.

    • Syn: rouse; encourage; trigger.
    • Ant: stifle; bore
  7. Arbitrary
    (adj) based on preference, convenience, or chance rather than law, reason, or fact.

    An appellate court overturned the judge’s arbitrary ruling.

    Syn: random; irrational. Ant: legitimate; reasoned.
  8. Conspicuous
    (adj) obvious; easy to see; attracting attention.

    The conspicuous man wore only a cowboy hat and boots and played guitar as he walked down the sidewalk.

    • Syn: noticeable; showy.
    • Ant: disguised; discrete; ordinary.
  9. Detest
    (v) to dislike intensely; to hate.

    Pam detests traffic, so she waits to leave work until rush hour is over.

    • Syn: abhor; loathe.
    • Ant: adore; love.
  10. Dexterity
    (n) skill in physical action; mental quickness.

    The police underestimated the dexterity of the criminal who used a ballpoint pen to pick the locks on his shackles.

    • Syn: proficiency; cunning.
    • Ant: clumsiness; incompetence.
  11. Dreg
    (n) the least desirable part (often used in plural form: dregs).

    Stray cats fought over the tasty dregs behind the seafood market.

    Syn: lees; waste
  12. Flourish
    (v) to thrive or prosper.

    Not all trees flourish in bright, sunny conditions.

    • Syn: succeed; grow.
    • Ant: flounder; deteriorate
  13. Fray
    • (n) a fight or brawl
    • (v) to wear away by friction.

    The players involved in the fray were ejected from the game. The sharp rocks slowly frayed to mountain climber’s ropes.

    • Syn: (n) brawl; scuffle (v) unravel; tatter.
    • Ant: (n) peace
  14. incoherent
    (adj) lacking logical connection; unclear; rambling.

    We all mumble incoherent phrases in our sleep.

    • Syn: confused; disjointed.
    • Ant: articulate; rational.
  15. Nullify
    (v) to make invalid; to repeal.

    The antidote nullified the effects of the deadly poison.

    • Syn: annul; reverse.
    • Ant: validate; confirm.
  16. Paltry
    (adj) of little or no importance; petty.

    With adequate time, even a paltry investment now can turn into a fortune.

    • Syn: insignificant; trivial.
    • Ant: substantial; major.
  17. Concise
    (adj) brief and to the point.

    You will have only three minutes to interview the governor, so keep your questions concise.

    • Syn: short; succinct.
    • Ant: wordy; lengthy.
  18. Persistent
    (adj) refusing to give up; remaining for a long time.

    Anne’s persistent complaining finally convinced the city to fix the pothole in front of her house.

    • Syn: unrelenting; continual.
    • Ant: temporary; short.
  19. Prediction
    (n) something foretold; a prophecy.

    The fan made a prediction that his team would win the game by eleven points.
  20. Sinister
    (adj) threatening; ominous; evil.

    The stone gargoyles on the building look sinister, but they are meant to frighten away evil spirits.

    • Syn: menacing; frightening.
    • Ant: harmless; good.
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