Aristotle - "On the Soul", Chps. 6 & 7

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  1. Three ways in which the preceptible thing is meant
    In two ways, proper thing and common thing, we perceive the thing in its own right, but in one way, we perceive it incidentally.
  2. Proper sense object
    one that can only be perceived by one sense and about which the sense cannot be deceived
  3. Common sense objects
    things, such as motion, rest, number, shape, and size, which are proper to no one sense but are common to all senses.
  4. The nature of color
    to set in motion what is actively transparent
  5. Color is visible/not visible without light.
    NOT visible
  6. In order to be visible, color requires:
    the transparent and light
  7. Transparent
    what is visible but not visible in its own right but on account of the color of something else
  8. Light is the ___________ of the transparent.
  9. Darkness
    the absence of the active condition, the light, from the transparent
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