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  1. aesthetic
    pertaining to beauty; sensitive or responsive to beauty ; artistic
  2. defunct
    no longer in existence or functioning; dead
  3. discomfit
    to frustrate, thwart, or defeat; to confuse perplex, or embarass
  4. espouse
    to take up support; to become attached to; adopt; to marry
  5. fetish
    an object believed to have magival powers; an object of unreasoning devotion or reverence
  6. gregarious
    sociable; seeking company of others
  7. hapless
    marked by a persistent absence of good luck
  8. impeccable
    faultless; beyond criticism or blame
  9. importune
    to trouble with demands; to beg for insistently
  10. interpolate
    to insert between other parts or things; to present as an addition or correction
  11. laconic
    concise; using few words
  12. languish
    to become weak, feeble or dull; to droop, to be depress or dispirited; to suffer neglect
  13. mendacious
    telling lies ; untruthful
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