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  1. 322-01 - Precinct Commander's Meeting Report
    Outreach and communication between the commanding officer and members of
    the community, including but not limited to, members of _______is critical to
    the success of the Department’s mission.
    the clergy
  2. 322-01 - Precinct Commander's Meeting Report
    -Submit PRECINCT COMMANDER’S MEETING REPORT on a monthly basis.
    A separate REPORT will be prepared for each meeting attended. REPORTS from the previous month should be collated and forwarded to the Office of the Police Commissioner no later than the 5th of the following month, with copies forwarded to?
    the First Deputy Commissioner and the Chief of Department
  3. 322-02 - Telephone Dispatch Log
    -Who will record rings between 0200 and 0700 hours in own handwriting on the telephone switchboard copy of the ROLL CALL ?
    -AND during those hours what will the telephone switchboard operator be given?
    • -A desk officer will record all rings
    • -a copy of the ROLL CALL for reference between these hours
  4. 322-03 - Telephone Record
    Upon receipt or transmission of a telephone message you will?
    • Enter and underline day of week and date on next writing line.
    • - Close each day’s message entries by drawing a double line across entire page in next vacant space.
  5. 322-04 - Finest Communication System
    How do you indicate knowledge of contents for previous twenty-four (24) hour period regarding FINEST messages?
    Sign rank and name on the last FINEST page
  6. 322-04 - Finest Communication System
    According to this procedure, what is the ICO's duty regarding FINEST messages?
    Inspect and sign index of important messages
  7. 322-04 - Finest Communication System
    What is the COMMANDING OFFICER's duty regarding FINEST messages according to this procedure?
    Countersign signature of desk officer on last FINEST page for previous twenty-four (24) hour period.
  8. 322-04 - Finest Communication System
    If information regarding the identity of a vehicle owner/operator is obtained from the
    FINEST System, the hard copy obtained from the FINEST printer will not be given to the
    complainant. Members of the service will provide the required information by?
  9. 322-11 - Official Communications/Preparation
    When preparing a report or correspondence; when is the only time you will be allowed to write on the reverse side ?
    endorsements may be continued on reverse side.
  10. 322-11 - Official Communications/Preparation
    FORWARD DIRECT - Correspondence to be forwarded DIRECT will have the word (DIRECT) within parenthesis immediately following what?
    the official title of the addressee
  11. 322-15 - Personnel Index
    Requests for a list of members of the service possessing specialized skills can be requested on Typed Letterhead, addressed to Commanding Officer, Personnel Data
    Unit. In an emergency HOW do you request this information?
    • By telephone or fax, must be followed up with a Typed Letterhead, addressed to
    • Commanding Officer, Personnel Data Unit
  12. 322-18 - Force Record
    How are temporary entries designated on the FORCE RECORD?
    temporary entries are designated by an asterisk, entered in pencil.
  13. 322-18 - Force Record
    If additional space is required on the FORCE RECORD card for the recording of firearms owned by a uniformed member of the service what do you do?
  14. 322-18 - Force Record
    Assignment history information for new or replacement FORCE RECORD can be obtained through?
    bureau/borough personnel officer via On-Line Personnel File.
  15. 322-21 - Command Log
    Where does the DESK OFFICER record a
    list of records removed from command?x
    last page (brown)
  16. 322-25 - Monthly Signal Box Survey
    -will direct that SIGNAL BOX LOCATION STICKER (PD112-154) be affixed
    to each signal box without identifying data.
    -Direct that a list of signal boxes located within the command, identified by number and location, be maintainedWHERE?
    at the telephone switchboard and in the Roll Call binder maintained at the desk
  17. Interim Order 25(11) - Revision to AG 322-29, Department Directives/Types of Directives
    When do OPERATIONS ORDERS expire?
    Operations Orders expire upon conclusion of the event or situation which is the subject of the Order, or one (1) year after publication, unless otherwise directed.
  18. 322-35 - Request for SPRINT Records and/or Tape Reproductions --
    If exigencies of the Department require immediate reproduction of SPRINT records and/or 911 tapes what do you do?
    The requestor may telephone the Tape and Records Unit and make such request.
  19. Interim Order 13(11) - Translation of Department Written Material-
    This procedure is to be utilized when a COMMANDING OFFICER/SUPERVISORY HEAD desires to produce written mateial to be distributed to the public in a language other than English. Which documents MUST be translated for the public?
    Essential public documents MUST be translated; those are documents most commonly distributed to the public that contain or elicit important and necessary information regarding the provision of BASIC CITY SERVICE.
  20. Interim Order 13(11) - Translation of Department Written Material
    The responsibility to translate the written material rests with?
    The Chief of Personnel.
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