BCA Chapter 5

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  1. Active Cell
    The cell displayed with a bold border. Also called the selected cell.
  2. Adjacent Cells
    Cells that are next to each other.
  3. Boundary
    The bar separating the column letters at the top of the worksheet.
  4. Cell
    The intersection of a row and column.
  5. Cell Reference
    The column letter and row number that identify a cell, such as B3.
  6. Cell Styles
    Used to apply several formats in one step.
  7. Circular Reference
    An error that occurs when a formula references the cell it is stored in.
  8. Clip Art
    A general-purpose graphic created by an artist using illustration software.
  9. Columns
    Vertical part of the worksheet grid identified by the letters A to Z and AA to XFD
  10. Conditional Formatting
    Formatting that is applied to a cell when a specified conditions is met/
  11. HTML
    the file format for documents viewed using a browser
  12. Pointing
    clicking a cell to place its reference in a formula.
  13. Range
    Selection of tow or more cells.
  14. Keyword
    A descriptive word used to search for clip art.
  15. Insertion Point
    A blinking vertical line that indicates where the next character typed will be placed.
  16. Order of Operations
    The precedence Excel follows to evaluate a mathematical expression.
  17. Relative cell reference
    A cell reference that reflects the row or column it has been copied to.
  18. Move data
    Delete data from a worksheet and then place the data at a different location in the workbook or into another file.
  19. Label
    Text stored in a cell that cannot be used in calculations.
  20. Page Layout View
    View that displays the worksheet as a printed page.
  21. Name box
    Displays the cell reference of the active cell. Located at the top of the worksheet.
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