BCA Chapter 6

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  1. Absolute Cell Reference
    A cell....
  2. Principal
    The amount of money owed on a loan.
  3. Relational operators
    Used to compare two values. Operators include =,<,>,<=,>=,<>
  4. ROUND Function
    Changes a value by rounding it to a specific number of decimal places.
  5. Sorting
    Arranging data in a specified order.
  6. Source
    The cell or range of data to be copied when copying or moving data between sheets.
  7. Spreadsheet Model
    A worksheet containing data relating to a particular situation.
  8. Static
    Copied data that is not connected to the source data.
  9. SUM
    Function that adds the values in a range of cells.
  10. Syntax
    The expected form or structure of a function.
  11. What-if analysis
    The process of making decisions using a spreadsheet model.
  12. What-if question
    A question that is answered using a worksheet model.
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