BCA Chapter 9

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  1. Record controls
    Used for displaying a specific record in a form or for displaying a new, empty rexcord. Located at the bottom of a form.
  2. Record
    A set of data for the fields in a table.
  3. RDBMS (Relational Database Management System)
    A software application that contains tools to manage data, answer queries, create user-friendly forms for data entry, and generate printed reports.
  4. Primary key
    A field in a table that is designated to contain unique data.
  5. Portrait orientation
    A print setting that uses the narrowest part of the paper to print across.
  6. Populating a database
    Adding records to a database.
  7. Percent
    A field format that multiplies the value entered by 100 and displays it with a percent sign.
  8. Number field
    A field that stores only numeric values.
  9. Navigation Pane
    Used to run, open, and manage the objects of an Acess database.
  10. Name
    Word or words used to describe the data stored in a field.
  11. Memo field
    A field that stores several lines of text.
  12. Alphabetical order
    See Ascending order
  13. Access
    The Microsoft Office RDBMS application.
  14. Append
    Adding data to the end of a table.
  15. Ascending order
    In order from lowest to highest. Also called alphabetical order when a sort is based on a text field and chronological when a sort is based on a date field.
  16. Attachmet field
    A field that stores a file.
  17. AutoNumber field
    A field that automatically stores a numeric value that is one greater than thatin the last record added.
  18. Boundary
    The column borders in a table.
  19. Chronological order
    See Ascending order.
  20. Currency field
    A field that stores dollar amounts.
  21. Data Redundancy
    Unnecessary data duplication.
  22. Database
    An organized collection of related data.
  23. database Schema
    a description of the data and the organization of the data into tables in a relational database.
  24. datasheet
    the data for a table organized with the fields in columns and records in rows.
  25. datasheet view
    used to display the basic structure of a table in a datasheet with fields in columns and records in rows.
  26. date/time field
    a field that stores a date or time.
  27. descending order
    in order from highest to lowest.
  28. design view
    the table view that shows the field definitions for a table
  29. entry
    the data for a field
  30. field
    a column in a table. used to store data.
  31. filtering
    displaying records based on a specified criteria
  32. fixed
    a field format that displays a value to a specified number of decimal places
  33. form
    a database object used for entering records into a table and for viewing existing records.
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