BCA Chapter 10

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  1. One to many relationship
    The relationship between two tables when there is one and only one record in the primary key table that relates to zero, one, or more records in the record table
  2. Parameter
    A value used in a paremeter query
  3. Parameter Query
    A select query that retrieves data based on criteria typed by the user when the query is run
  4. Question mark
    A wildcard character that matches any one character or no character at all
  5. Range query
    A select query with criteria that matches a range of values
  6. Related
    Two tables in a relational database with corresponding fields
  7. Relational operations
    Used to form a validation rule or specify criteria in a range query. Operations include <,>,<=,>=, and <>
  8. Select query
    A database object that retrives data that matches specified criteria
  9. Subdatasheet
    A datasheet of related records
  10. Update query
    A query that modifies records based on criteria
  11. Validation Rule
    Checks entries against specified values for a field
  12. Wildcard
    A character used in criteria that matches any one or more characters. Wildcard characters include * and ?.
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