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  1. Two types of sexual harassment
    Quid Pro Qou, Hostile Work Environment
  2. ADEA- Age Discrimination Employment Act
    Protection for age 40 and up
  3. Title 7 Civil Rights Act 1964
    • -Protected classes
    • -Defenses of discrimination
    • -Disparate treatment and impact
  4. IRAC- Immigration reform and control act
    Identity and right to work
  5. ADA- Americans with disability act
    • -Disabilities
    • -Essential functions
  6. Fredrickson vs. Olsten Health Services Case
    Fredrickson won over 30 million from Olsten Health Services
  7. Civil Rights Act of 1991
    • -Compensatory and punative damages
    • -Jury Trials
    • -US citizens working abroad
  8. FMLA- Family and Medical Leave Act
    • -Up to 12 Weeks
    • -Unpaid
    • -Job protected leave
    • -One year time
  9. Genro decision
    Personal liability- a supervisor makes a decision and they can be named liable for that decision
  10. Cosgrove decision
    Statue of limitations- 6 years to file a claim
  11. Max Weber
    Described bueracracy
  12. Robert Owen
    Bought 1st factory at 18
  13. Frank and Lillian Gilbreth
    Brick laying, time and motion studies, Therbligs
  14. Power Distance
    Power is distributed unequally
  15. Individualism vs. Collectivism
    Degree to which people work together
  16. Mission statement
    What a companies current purpose is
  17. Quantity of life
    When you value goods and assets over relationships
  18. Strategic Plans
    Plan for entire business
  19. SWOT Analysis
    • Strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats,
    • - To find a nitch to better business in the market
  20. Centralization
    Decisions made at top of organization
  21. Unity of command
    The management principle that no person should report to more than one boss
  22. Span of control
    The number of employees a manager can direct successfully
  23. Coercive power
    Power from fear
  24. Reward power
    Power from ability to distribute something that others value
  25. Legitimate power
    Power from one's position in formal hierarchy
  26. Expert power
    Power from one's expertise, special skill, or knowledge
  27. Referent power
    Power from deserable resources or personal traits
  28. Decentralization
    Pushing decision making power down to lower levels of an organization
  29. Hawthorn studies
    Work only improve from 1. group peer pressure, and 2. when managers were around more to observe work behavior
  30. Disparate treatment case
    Green vs. McDonnell
  31. Disparate impact
    Griggs vs. Duke Power
  32. Hot Stove Principle
    Immidiate, consistant, imparcial, and advanced warning
  33. Kaizen
    Jap. term for continous improvement
  34. Therbligs
    17 basic hand motions
  35. Henry Fayol
    Planning, organizing, controlling
  36. Decision making process
    • 1. indenify a prob
    • 2. pick criteria
    • 3. weight criteria
    • 4. list alternatives
    • 5. rate and multiply
    • 6. pick the highest
  37. Focus strategy
    Try to advance in small range market
  38. Douglas Mcgreggers- theory x and y
    People want to work and help
  39. Group Think
    With holding of opinions and ideas from the group
  40. Organic company
    Company who is flexible and easily changed
  41. Cost leadership
    Low cost products to gain a lead
  42. Mary Parker Follett
    Organizations form opinions from individual or group behavior
  43. Tactical Plans
    How things will be achieved in organization
  44. Heuistics
    Using judgemental shortcuts in business
  45. Frederick Taylor
    • -Scientific method for business
    • -Increased efficinecy, right people for right job
    • -Incentives
    • -Separate manager work from opporational work
  46. 4 Grand Strategies
    Growth, Stability, Retrenchment, Combination
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