Chapter 15 (3)

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  1. Describe the two different types of mechanisms for gustatory reception.
    • Chemically gated ion channels whose stimulation produces depolarization of the cell and releaseof neurotransmitters.
    • Taste receptor activates G-proteins (gustducins) that activate 2nd messenger system to releaseneurotransmitters.
  2. What do the two different mechanisms of gustatory receptions detect?
    • Chemically gated: Salt and Sour
    • G-proteins: Sweet, bitter, umami
  3. Along what three pathways can gustatory information be sent?
    • Facial nerve
    • Vagus nerve
    • Glossopharyngeal nerve
  4. From where does the facial nerve recieve gustatory sensation?
    anterior 2/3 of tongue to line of circumvallate papillae
  5. From where does the glossopharyngeal nerve recieve gustatory sensation?
    Circumvallate papillae and posterior 1/3 of tongue
  6. From where does the vagus nerve recieve gustatory sensation?
    Surface of the epiglottis
  7. What are solitary nuclei?
    Area of the medulla oblongata in which sensory afferents synapse.
  8. Where does the perception of tast primarily occur?
    Sensory cortex
  9. What quickly reduces sensitivity to new tastes?
    Central adaptation
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