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  1. Sensory Memory
    Holds info in its original sesory form, for about 1/2 sec. or less
  2. Short Term Memory
    • Holds info for about 2-30 sec, then is lost or stored in long term memory
    • can hold about 7 items less or more about 2
  3. Chuncking
    • putting into together into meaningful units
    • can expand ST memory
    • ex) phone number: (406) 543-7077 easier to remeber then 4065437077
  4. Rehearsal
    Repeatingly practicing material so it enters LT memory
  5. Working Memory
    • Also Short Term memory but emphisizes its function
    • Function: required to attend to and solve a problem at hand
  6. Central Executive and where located
    • a component of working memory
    • decides wher to focus attention
    • Attention allows to focus on task at hand and develop a plan for solving
    • located in Pre-frontal Cortex
  7. Visuospatical Sketchpad
    • A component of Working Memory
    • provides storage for visual and spatial sensations
    • Ex) images, photos, scenes, 3D objects
    • an image lasts only seconds b4 it fades
    • usually about 3-4 images can be held in ST memory
  8. Phonological Loop
    • A Component of working memory
    • sound or linguistic info
    • provides extra storage for limited number of didgits for up to 30 sec.
  9. Long Term Memory (LT)
    • Most complex form of memory
    • in theory, capacity and duration = limitliss
    • many factors can inferfere with gettting info out
  10. Explicit Memory
    • Conscious recall of facts and events
    • also called declarative memory because it refers to memories that can be deliberatley accessed or declared
  11. Declaratice Memory
    Same as Explicit Memory
  12. Semantic Memory
    • Type of Explicit Memory
    • memory for facts and knowlede - what we learn at school
  13. Episodic Memory
    • memory that recalls experiences we have had
    • more personal
    • remembering highchool graduation, and address
  14. Implicit Memory
    • Also know as Non-declarative memory
    • cannot directly recall this type of memory
    • where we store knowlege of previous expierience
    • such as skills that we preform automatically after we've masterd them
  15. Non-declarative Memort
    Same as Implicit Memory
  16. Procedural Memory
    • part of implicit memory
    • refers to knowledge we hold for almost any behavior or physical skill we learn.
    • Ex) riding a bike
  17. Priming
    • kind of implicit memory
    • when recall is improved by prior exposure to same or similar stimuli
  18. H.M.
    • Henry Molaison
    • Was in bicycle accident and had his hippocampus removed
    • this = loss ability to form new memories
    • He was givin the Mirror - drawing task

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