EXW History

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  1. History

    First EXW awarded to ____ on____
    MA2 Hurtt, 14 Dec 2006
  2. History

    What led to the formation of the Navy
    In October 1775, the British threatened to stop the colonies' trade and to wreak destruction on seaside settements
  3. History

    Congress established the Department of the Navy on ____
    30 April 1798
  4. History

    What led to the formation on the Seabees
    Civilians were not permitted to resist enemy military attack, so the need for a military construction force was needed.
  5. History

    Navy's Seabee's were created by ____
    Admiral Ben Moreell
  6. History

    Seabees Birthday
    March 5 1942
  7. History
    Conflicts in Naval History

    Battle of Coral Sea
    • May 4 1942
    • First carrier vs carrier battle begins
  8. History
    Conflicts in Naval History

    Invasion of Normandy/D-Day
    • June 6 1944
    • The largest amphibious operation in history
  9. History
    Conflicts in Naval History

    Battle of Midway
    • June 4 1942
    • The 4 Japanese carriers that attacked Pearl Harbor are sunk. Turning point of the war in the Pacific.
  10. History
    Conflicts in Naval History

    Pearl Harbor
    • December 7 1941
    • Imperial Japanese Navy attack the U.S
  11. History

    What led to the creation of the Navy EOD
    • EOD traces their history back to the first group of volunteers selected to work with the British UXO Teams
    • -June 1941
  12. History

    War of 1812
    The strategy of the centered about inland waterways
  13. History

    Barbary States War
    • Feb 16 1804
    • Forced other nations to pay ransom for safe passage through the Mediterranean.
    • The most bold and daring acts of the age
  14. History

    Battle of Manilla Bay
    • May 1 1898
    • George Dewey ordered "You man fire when you are ready Gridley!" Spain's naval power was destyoyed.
  15. History

    Battle of Santiago de Cuba
    Naval forces cornered and destroyed the Spanish Atlantic Squadron at Santiago Bay
  16. History

    Desert Shield/Storm
    Largest and fastest strategic sea lift in history--240 ships carried equipment and supplies to sustain the forces
  17. History

    "We have met the enemy and they are ours!"
    Oliver Perry
  18. History

    Qualities of Naval Forces
    Readiness, Flexibility, Self Sustainability and Mobility
  19. History

    Official Seabee Motto
    Construimus, Batuimus: We Build, We Fight.
  20. History

    Battle of New Orleans
    • Admiral Farragut
    • Small squadron of less then 3500 men captures the largest and wealthiest city
  21. History

    "I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast for I intend to go in harms way..."
    Captain John Paul Jones, 17 Nov 1778
  22. History

    "A good Navy is not a provocation to war--it is the surest guarantee of peace..."
    President Theodore Roosevelt, 2 Dec 1902
  23. History

    Battle of Mobile Way
    • 5 Aug 1864
    • David Farragut gave the order "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead..."
    • The victory tightened the union blockade.
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