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  1. Fagerlin, Schneider
    Advanced Directives have FAILED

    • - living wills do not live up to their expectations
    • - their expectations were unrealistic from the start
  2. Hickman, Hammes, Moss, Tolle
    Advanced directives HAVE NOT failed

    - new process of introducing advanced directives can achieve their original aims
  3. Wier, Peters
    Adolescents should be allowed to make their own decisions

    -adolescents with normal cognitive and developmental skills have the capacity to make decisions about their own health care, advance directives can give older peds patients a voice in their care
  4. Lainie Friedman Ross
    adolescents SHOULD NOT be able to make their own life and death decisions

    - parents are responsible for making their child's health care decisions, children need to develop virtues
  5. Marcia Angell
    Physicians should assist patients in suicide

    -a physician's main duties are to respect patient autonomy and to relieve suffering
  6. Kathleen M. Foley
    Physicians should NOT assist in patient suicide

    - if this becomes legal, it will begin a slippery slope, to subsititute for interventions that otherwise might enhance the quality of life for dying patients
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