Art history 2 test 1

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    • Orsanmichele statues
    • Donatello, St Mark, Marble (realism, contropasto)
    • Ghiberti, st john the baptist, bronze (not contropasto)
    • Ghiberti, st matthew, bronze (not contropasto)
  1. Gentile da fabriano, Adoration of the magi, 1423 (Strozzi Family)
  2. (left): Donatello, David, 1440, bronze

    (right): Donatello, relief for st george and the dragon, 1417, marble (1 pt perspective)
  3. Brunelleschi- 2 lost demonstration paintings, 1410's (shows optical linear perspective)
  4. Masaccio, holy trinity, 1425, fresco, santa maria novella, florence (1 pt perspective)

    masaccio, tribute money, mid 1420's, brancacci chapel, santa maria del carmine, florence ( use of perspective)
  5. Gozzoli, adoration of the magi, medici chapel, 1459 (glorification of the medici)
  6. piero della francesca, baptism of the christ, 1455

    piero della francesca, flaggelation of christ, 1460
  7. (top); Botticelli, primavera (spring), early 1480's (use of mythalogical work)

    Botticelli, birth of venus, early 1480's
  8. Michelangelo, pieta, 1499, marble

    Michelangelo, david, 1504, marble
  9. Michelangelo, bacchus, 1497, marble

    Michelangelo, st matthew, 1506 (agony in the marble)
  10. Leonardo, adoration of the magi, 1482 (the expressions and movement in the painting)

    Leonardo, last supper, 1498, santa maria delle grazie, milan (the use of perspective and what it does in painting)
  11. Giovanni bellini, pieta, (brera), 1467, (use of colors)

    Giovanni bellini, san giobbe altarpiece, 1475
  12. giorgione, tempest, 1506 (high rennaisance)

    Giorgione and titian, pastoral concert, 1500

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