Globalization - A

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  1. Zheng He
    Chinese Admiral, huge voyage, establishted Chinese power and prestige in the Indian Ocean and control over foreign trade

    300 ships, 27,000 crew
  2. Akbar
    Mughal Empire, supported choice of Hinduism and Muslim

    created a blended elite culture
  3. Voltaire
    Treatis on Toleration

    Diest during Enlightenment

    Diesm - god designs and builds the universe, but steps aside to let it run on its own
  4. Timur/Tamerlane
    Turkic Warrior, Mongol Empire, Nomads

    led and devestated Russia, Persia and India in attempt to restore the Mongol Empire
  5. Martin Luther
    The Protestant Reformation, 95 Theses

    Against Roman Catholic Church, right to interpret bible for one self
  6. Hernan Cortes
    Spanish conquistador, defeated the Aztecs
  7. Adam Smith
    Scottish professor, scientific development that led to enlightenment

    formulated laws about the economy that he claimed would generate good results for society
  8. Sir Issac Newton
    Scientific Revolution, laws of motion, invented calculus, concept of gravity

  9. Yongle
    Chinese Emperor

    sponsored big Encyclopedia, relocated capital to Beijing, ordered Forbidden City to be built, Temple of Heaven

    commissioned Zheng He's expedition
  10. Toussaint Louverture
    Led slave revolt
  11. Marquis de Condorcet
    French Thinker, most prominent spokesmen for the Enlightenment

    Sketch of the Progress of the Human Mind: The Ninth Epoch/The Tenth Epoch
  12. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
    Feminist, published a Women's Bible, eliminated parts she found offensive
  13. Olaudah Equiano
    Slave, unusual story, learned to read and write, bought freedom, prominent voice in abolitionish movement, wrote a book
  14. Naploean Bonaparte
    General, kept the French Fevolution stable by putting ephasis on social equality, ending fuedalism, religious acceptance, glory of France
  15. Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab
    Islamic Scholar, Islamic Renewal Movement, Wahabi Movement - eliminate deviations, return to purer faith
  16. Nicholaus Copernicus
    Polish mathematician/astronomer, Sun is at the center of our solar system, earth rotates on axis, earth/planets revolve around the sun
  17. Mary Wollstonecraft
    British Writer, Vindication of the Rights of Women

    response to a French diplomat who advocated little education for women

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