Statistics Ch 14

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  1. Margin of error
    • The confidence level C determines the value of z* (in Table C).
    • The margin of error also depends on z*.

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    • Higher confidence C implies a larger margin of error m (thus less precision in our estimates).

    A lower confidence level C produces a smaller margin of error m (thus better precision in our estimates).

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  2. Impact of sample size
    • The spread in the sampling distribution of the mean is a function of the number of individuals
    • per sample.

    The larger the sample size, the smaller the standard deviation (spread) of the sample mean distribution.

    But the spread only decreases at a rate equal to √n.
  3. Sample size and experimental design
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  4. The Power of a statistical test
    • the probability that the test will reject Ho at a significance
    • level α when Ha is true.
  5. Type I error
    Ho is rejected when it is actually true
  6. Type II error
    Failure to reject Ho when in fact Ha is true
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