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  1. Abduction
    movement away from the midline
  2. Adduction
    movement towards the midline
  3. Anatomical guide
    descriptive references for locating arteries and veins by means of the anatomical structures, which are known
  4. Anatomical limits
    points of origin and points of termination in relation to adjacent structures

    used to designate the boundaries of arteries
  5. Anatomical position
    the body is erect, feet together, palms facing forward and thumbs pointed away from the body
  6. Angle of the mandible
    body angle formed by the junction of the posterior edge of the ramus of the mandible and the inferior surface of the body of the mandible
  7. Antecubital
    in front of the elbow

    in the bend of the elbow
  8. Anterior
    before or in front of

    an anatomical term of position and direction, which denotes the front or forward part
  9. Calcaneus
    the largest tarsal bone forming the heel
  10. Center of fluid distribution
    ascending and/or arch of the aorta
  11. Center of venous drainage
    right atrium of the heart
  12. Cervical
  13. Inferior
    from a given reference twoard the feet
  14. Inverted triangle
    three-sided figure whose base is superior to its apex

    when used to describe a frontal view geometric head shape, a head that is wide at the forehead and narrow at the jaw
  15. Lateral
    away from the midline
  16. Linear guide
    a line drawn or visualized on the surface of the skin to represent the approximate location of some deeper-lying structure
  17. Lumen
    the cavity or opening of a vessel or intestine
  18. Margin

  19. Mastoid process
    the rounded projection on the inferior portion of the temporal bones just posterior to the lobe of the ear
  20. Maxilla
    paired bone with several processes that form the skeletal base of most of the superior face, roof of the mouth, sides of the nasal cavity and floor of the orbit
  21. Medial
    toward the midline
  22. Midaxillary line
    vertical line drawn from the center of the medial border of the base of the axillary space
  23. Palpate
    to examine by touch
  24. Parallel incision
    incision on the surface of the skin to raise vessels, made parallel to the location of the vessels
  25. Place of incision
    the idealized location for an incision to be made through the subcutaneous layers of the skin, based largely on the linear and anatomical guides of the desired vessel being raised
  26. Posterior
    toward the back
  27. Prone
  28. Submandibular
    descriving those portions which lie immediately inferior to the mandible
  29. Superior
    anatomically toward the head
  30. Supine
  31. Vena comitantes
  32. Vertical
    perpendicular to the plane of the horizon

  33. CHF
    Congestive heart failure
  34. COPD
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  35. HTN
  36. PNE
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