art history 2 part 2

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    • Titian, bacchus and ariadne, 1523, (use of movement and
    • mythology)

    • Titian,
    • diana and acteon, 1559
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    • Titian,
    • venus of urbino, 1538, (perspective and use of sexual attraction)
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    • titian,
    • assumption of the virgin, santa maria di ca frari, 1518,(sence of movement)

    • Titian,
    • pesaro altarpiece, santa maria di ca frari, 1526 (a symmetric point of view)
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    • Gentile
    • Bellini, seated scribe, 1481, (done in constantanoble)
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    Carpaccio, st george and the dragon, 1507
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    • sultan muhammed, Rumstam sleeping, from the houghton
    • shahnama, 1522, illuminated manuscript

    • scene
    • form the hmzanama (tales of hamza), 1577
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    • Mihrab,
    • iran, early 16th century
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    Guo xi, early spring, 1072 (song dynasty)

    ni zan, the rongxi studio, 1372 (ming dynasty)
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    genre: pieta
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    st george
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    • both are using perspective but the left of masaccio uses 1 point symmetry and the
    • right is titian using asymmetry
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    left: piero della francesca uses linear perspective as well as perspective to show what is going on inside the building.

    on the right is the tales of the hamzanama (tales of hamza) using perspective to show multiple layers of housing and outside while showing brutal fighting and action
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