08 Joseph

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  1. What are the dreams in Joseph narrative?
    • Joseph’s dreams (Gn 37:5-8)
    • The dreams of the butler/cup-bearer and the baker (Gn 40:1-23)
    • Pharaoh’s dreams (Gn 41:1-36)
  2. Whom did Joseph marry?
  3. The sons of Joseph
    • Manasseh
    • Ephraim
  4. What and where is Goshen?
    a fertile section of the Nile Delta nearest Palestine
  5. Who were the "Hyksos"?
    Known as the "foreign chiefs," they were Asiatic settlers who ruled the Egyptians for a while until 1550 BC, when they were overthrown by the Egyptians under King Ahmose of Thebes.
  6. Which pharaoh attempted to reform Egyptian worship as monotheism?
    Pharaoh Akhenaton
  7. What was the focus of worship of Akhenaton?
    the sun disk Aton
  8. What did Akhenaton do to uphold his monotheistic faith?
    He persecuted the priests of Amon, the god of Thebes and traditional head of the gods in Egyptian lore
  9. How did the monotheistic worship introduced by Akhenaton affect the Israelites?
    • Positively, Akhenaton's monotheism may have helped solidify the Israelites' faith.
    • Negatively, the Israelites may have been suppressed later partially in reaction against Akhenaton's monotheism.
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