RLA Scale

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  1. Level 1 (No response)
    Individual is in a deep coma and does not respond to any outside stimuli (e.g. verbal, touch)
  2. Level 2 (Generalized Response)
    individual sleeps most of the time, awake for only brief periods. Responses and body movements are reflexive and non-purposeful.
  3. Level 3 (Localized Response)
    individual is alert for more than brief periods. They react to commands inconsistently, but responses are specific to the type of stimuli (e.g. a touch may produce a withdrawl)
  4. Level 4 (Confused and Agitated)
    individual's behavior shows marked confusion and agitation as awareness increases. Behavior may be aggressive and inappropriate, and speech may be incoherent. Individual is not able to actively participate in treatment due to lack of attention, and cannot perform activities of daily living.
  5. Level 5 (Confused, Inappropriate, Non-agitated)
    individual shows inconsistent ability to follow commands, but long-term memory is returning. Well-known skills such as eating return, however, complex tasks are difficult as are new skills and concentration.
  6. Level 6 (Confused, Appropriate)
    individual begins to deomonstrate goal-directed behavior with assistance. The individual is now aware of their difficulties and familiar people. Retention of re-learned skills is improved, and can be used in other situations
  7. Level 7 (Automatic, Appropriate)
    individual performs activities of daily living with more eases and is able to learn new skills. Noticeable impairment still exists in short-term memory and problem solving ability
  8. Level 8 (Purposeful, Appropriate)
    individual is able to function within the community even with continued impairment in cognitive ability, and social and emotional ability
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