Hip, SI, and pelvic joints

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  1. Iliolumbar Ligament
    • TP L5 to iliac crest
    • Prevents: anterior translation of L5 on sacrum
  2. Anterior Sacroiliac Ligament
    • Covers entire front of SI joint
    • Prevents: anterior traslation of sacrum, rotation, separation of sacrum and ilium
  3. Posterior Sacroiliac Ligament
    • Covers entire back of SI joint
    • Prevents: posterior translation of sacrum, rotation, separation of sacrum and ilium
  4. Sacrotuberous Ligament
    • Sacrum to ischial tuberosity
    • Prevents: anterior rotation of sacrum
  5. Sacrospinous Ligament
    • Sacrum to ischial spine
    • Prevents: anterior rotation of sacrum
  6. Interosseus Sacroiliac Ligament
    • Between sacrum and ilia inside the SI joint
    • Fibers run superolaterally
    • Prevents: posterior translation of sacrum, separation, rotation, inferior translation of sacrum
    • Strongest ligament in body
  7. Muscles that support SI joint
    • Psoas major
    • Iliacus
    • Piriformis
    • Gluteus Maximus
    • Erector Spinae - anterior pelvic tilt
    • Multifidi - anterior pelvic tilt
    • Abdominal muscles - posterior pelvic tilt
    • Hamstrings - posterior pelvic tilt
  8. Angle of inclination of femur
    • Angle inf frontal plane between head/neck of femur and shaft
    • approx 125 degrees in normal adult
    • at birth approx 140 - 150 degrees
  9. Torsion Angle of Femur
    • Angle between transverse axis of femoral condyles and axis of femoral head and neck
    • Normally 10-15 degrees anteverted
  10. Iliofemoral Ligament of hip
    • "Y-ligament"
    • AIIS and anterior superior rim of acetabulum to intertrochanteric line
    • Strongest ligament of hip joint
    • Prevents: extension, external rotation (upper fibers)
  11. Pubofemoral Ligament of hip
    • Anterior inferior rim of acetabulum and superior pubic ramus to intertrochanteric line
    • Covers neck
    • Prevents: ABduction, external rotation, extension
  12. Ischiofemoral Ligament of hip
    • Posterior inferior rim of acetabulum to apex of greater trochanter
    • Covers neck in back
    • Prevents: Internal rotation, extension
  13. Position of best joint congruity of hip
    Flexed, externally rotated, ABducted
  14. Position of closed pack of hip
    Extended, internally rotated, ADducted

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Hip, SI, and pelvic joints
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Hip SI pelvic joints

Hip, SI, and pelvic joints
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