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  1. In world war one, the allied powers were called __________.
    triple entente
  2. In WWI, the central or axis powers were called ________.
    triple alliance
  3. The start of WWI was when ___________________ was assassinated, leading the Austro-Hungarian Empire to declare war against Serbia.
    Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  4. Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot by ______________.(the black hand)
    Gavrilo Princip
  5. What was the name of the ship that was sunk by U-boat 20, killing 1198, 128 of which where Americans, although the ship was carrying 4200 cases of small arms.
  6. Two years after sinking the Lusitania, the Germans also sunk the French ship, ______.
  7. Who won the election of 1916?
    Woodrow Wilson
  8. What was the Zimmerman telegram?
    A telegram sent by Arthur Zimmerman(German) to Mexico asking them to fight against the U.S.
  9. Who was the officer that was in charge at San Juan and Kettle Hill, now in charge of the American Expeditionary Force in WWI?
    John J Pershing
  10. What was the name of the all black unit that faught with the French?
    Harlem Hellfighters
  11. What are the names of four major battles of WWI?
    • Chateau Thereua
    • Belleon Wood
    • St. Mihiel
    • 2nd Battle of the Marne
  12. When did WWI end, now celebrated as veterans day?
    11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month
  13. What was the Ludlow Massacre?
    A miners strike in which 39 people died after the national guard shooting up and burning down their tent city.
  14. What was the name of President Wilson's peace treaty?
    Treaty of Versailles
  15. What was the permanent international organization to oversee world affairs and prevent future wars?
    League of Nations
  16. Who was the leader of the Comitee of Public Information?
    George Creel
  17. What was the name of the act that created stiff penalties for spying, sabotage or obstruction of the war effort?
    Espionage Act
  18. Which act allowed officials to prosecute anyone who criticized the president or government?
    Sedition Act
  19. What were the Palmer raids?
    Raids led by Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer and J. Edgar Hoover intended to uncover major caches of weapons, yet only six pistols were found.
  20. What marked the "return to normalcy?"
    The election of Warren G. Harding in 1920.
  21. What was the "American Plan?"
    A crusade for a shop were no workers had to be part of a union(open shop).
  22. What was welfare capitalism?
    Extra incentives to not join a union.
  23. Who was the first person to fly over the Atlantic Ocean, and what was the name of the plane used?
    Charles A. Lingbergh

    Spirit of St. Louis
  24. What was the first black labor union?
    The Brotherhood of Sleeping car porters, started by Phillip Randolph
  25. What was the name of the first talking movie?
    The Jazz Singer
  26. Who was the debunker that was the publisher of American Mercury Magazine?
    H.L. Menken
  27. Who was the gangster nicknamed "Scarface?"
    Al Capone
  28. Which group wanted to blend religion and science?
  29. Which group interprets the bible literally?
  30. Who was the defense counsel for John T. Scopes?
    Clarence Darrow
  31. Who was the prosecutor represnting Tennesse in the Scopes trial, that died a few days after it was over?
    William Jennings Bryan
  32. What was the tepot dome?
    Rich naval oil reserves went from Department of Navy, to Department of Interior so it could be sold to friends.
  33. Who became President when President Harding died?
    Calvin Coolidge
  34. Who was the first president to have a lit up Christmas tree on the front lawn of the white house and also never used the phone.
    Calvin Coolidge
  35. Who won the election of 1924?
    Calvin Coolidge
  36. Who won the election of 1928?
    Herbert Hoover
  37. What was the name of the event where the stock market crashed and did not recover for ten years?
    Black Tuesday
  38. What was the name of the 3000 Americans communists that went to support the Spanish loyalists during the Spanish Civil War?
    Abraham Lincoln Brigade
  39. What was the name for President Hoover's stimulus package?
    Reconstruction Finance Corporation
  40. What was the name of the event that took place in 1932 when 20,000 vets marched on Washington D.C. demanding bonus money that they weren't supposed to receive until 1945?
    Bonus March
  41. Who won the election of 1932?
    Franklin Delanor Roosevelt
  42. What was the name of F.D.R's wife?
    Eleanor Roosevelt
  43. Who was the only President to serve 4 terms, also famous for giving "fireside chats" instead of newspaper interviews?
  44. What was the EBA?
    Emergency Banking Act, closed all banks for 3 days
  45. What was the EA?
    Economy act, reduced government salaries and veteran pension by 15%
  46. Which two parts of F.D.R's new deal were ruled unconstitutional?
    AAA, Agricultural Adjustment Act, where farmers would get a subsidy to grow less cotton, rice, tobacco, corn, wheat, hogs and dairy products

    NRA, National Recovery Association, "Blanket code" minimum wage of 30-40 cents an hour, 35-40 hour work weeksm had a blue eagle as a logo and the motto "we do our part"
  47. What was the 21st ammendment?
    Repeal of the 18th, prohibition
  48. What was the PWA?
    Public Works Administration, 400,000 projects, employed over 4 million men for $15 a week.
  49. What was the TVA?
    Tennesse Valley Authority, the first project was Wilson Dam in Muscle Shoals, AL
  50. What was created to guarantee your money was safe in a bank?
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation(FDIC)
  51. What was the CWA?
    Civil Works Administration, employed 4 million men for $15 a week
  52. What was the CCC?
    Civil Conservation Corps, used teenage men to do hard labor, mostly in national parks and forests
  53. What was the Townsend plan and who created it?
    • Every person over the age of 60 retires and would get $200 a month, but they had to spend it all.
    • Creat by Dr. Francis Townsend
  54. Who was F.D.R's biggest enemy?
    Huey P. Long, the governor of Louisiana "Kingfish." He advocated the "Share the wealth" program
  55. What was the second "New Deal?"
    Soak the rich, the highest peacetime tax rate ever
  56. What union was similar to and would later merge with the AFL, yet was more for women?
    Congress of Industrial Organization
  57. Who started the "sit down" type strike when trying to gain recognition from GM?
  58. Which strike killed 10 people and left 90 injured?
    LIttle Steel, also called the Memorial Day Massacre
  59. What was the WPA?
    Works Project Administration, created 110,000 public buildings, over 600 airports, 100,000 bridges and 500,000 miles of railroad.
  60. Who won the election of 1936?
  61. What was "court packing?"
    When F.D.R. tried to add 6 new justices to the 9 already serving.
  62. What does "broker state" mean?
    The government acts as a mediator.
  63. What was the name of F.D.R.'s special cabinet?
    Black cabinet
  64. Who held the first female cabinet position and what was it?
    • Frances Perkins
    • Secretary of Labor
  65. Who was the first femal senator and where was she from?
    • Hattie Caraway
    • Arkansas
  66. Who was the first congress woman and where was she from?
    • Jeanette Rankin
    • Montana
  67. What enacted a 10 year moratorium on the construction of large warships and an arms reduction?
    Washington Naval Conference
  68. What created the ration on naval armaments?
    The five power pact
  69. What pact was a continuation of the open door policy?
    Nine power pact
  70. What was the four power pact?
    US, Great Britain, France and Japan pleged to respect the other's rights to the pacific ocean.
  71. What pact outlawed war as an instrument of national policy and 62 nations agreed to it?
    Kellog-Briand Pact
  72. What was the London Naval Conference?
    A continuation of the Washington Armaments Conference
  73. Who was the facist leader of Italy nicknamed "El Duce?" (The Duke)
    Benito Moussolini
  74. What was the actual name of the NAZI Party?
    National Socialists Deuteches Arbeite Partie
  75. What was Good Neighbor Policy?
    America's efforts to enhance diplomatic and economic relations with Latin-America.
  76. The world disarmament conference was held at _____________.
    Geneva, Switzerland
  77. What was the Cash and Carry policy?
    America would sell only non-military goods to beligerant nations.
  78. What ship was sank on the Yangtzee river by the Japanese?
    USS Panay
  79. What was the name for Germany annexing Austria?
  80. What was the main event of the Munich Conference?
    Hitler demanded an area of Chechoslovakia known as the Sudetenland.
  81. Who was the leader of Great Britain that declared "We will have peace in our time" after the Munich Conference?
    Neville Chamberlain
  82. What was the name of the barrier between France and Germany that was two stories underground and 20 feet wide?
    Maginot Line
  83. What was the name for 330,000 troops being snuck out overnight after having been pinned to the English Channel?
  84. What was the name for the new French Government after being taken over by Germany?
    Vihey French
  85. Who won the election of 1940?
  86. What was it called when we gave Great Britain 50 ships in exchange for setting up 8 military bases on their land?
    Operation Barbarossa
  87. What was the Atlantic Charter?
    F.D.R. and Churchill agree to mutual destruction of Germany
  88. What was the name of the American ship sank by a German U-Boat?
    USS Rueben James
  89. What was the name for the US breaking Japanese code?
  90. What happened on December 7th 1941, a day that will live in infamy?
    The Japanese used 181 aircrafts, 3 different types of planes, fighters, dive bombers and torpedo bombers to sink American ships at Pearl Harbor.
  91. What was the name of the two anarchists wrongly convicted of killing their paymaster in Braintree, Massaschusetts?
    Sacco and Vanzetti
  92. Who was the socialist that ran for president three times?
    Eugene V. Debs
  93. Woodrow Wilson had 14 points, what was number 14?
    The league of nations, even though the US never joined.
  94. Who was the star of the first talking movie?
    Al Joelson
  95. Who wrote the Great Gatsby?
    F. Scott Fitrzgerald
  96. Who wrote the Grapes of Wrath?
    John Steinback
  97. What was the order of Presidents from 1916-1940?
    • Wilson
    • Harding
    • Coolidge
    • Hoover/FDR
    • FDR
    • FDR
    • FDR
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