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  1. eukaryotes
    true nucleus and organelles, more complex then prokaryotes
  2. 4 kingdoms of eukaryotes
    • protist-algea & protozoa
    • fungi-
    • animal -helminths
  3. unicellular or mulitcelular
    • protoza-always uni
    • fungi/algea-both
    • helminth-multi
  4. eukaryotes cytoplasm
    bilayer of phospholipids with protein molecules embedded

    contains sterols

    selectively permeable
  5. eukaryotic nucleus
    • sperated from the cytoplasm by a nuclear envelope
    • filled with nucleoplasm
    • contains nucleolus
    • has chromatin
  6. endoplasmic reticulum
    • passageway in the cell
    • series of tunnels
    • RER
    • proteins synthesized on the ribosomes shunted into the cavity of the RER and held for later packaging and transport
  7. ser
    Smooth enplasmic reticulum
    • detoxification in some cells-liver
    • synthesis and storage of nonprotien macromolecules
  8. golgi apparatus
    • the packaging machine
    • sent from the endoplasmic reticulum to golgi body for modification and packaging before sent to final desitination

    contain a stack of cisternaee
  9. mitochondria
    • energy generator
    • generates the bulk of energy
    • contains prokaryotic sized 70S ribosomes
  10. chloroplast
    photosynthesis machines

    double memebranes

    stroma surrounds the thylakoids
  11. ribosome
    protien synthesizers

    composed of large and small subunits of RNA and protein

    larger 80S variety
  12. cytoskeleton
    • flexible framework
    • anchors organelles
    • 2 types microfilament and microtubles
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