MNT Exam 1~ Enteral nutrition

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  1. What are the indications for enteral nutrition?
    • must have functioning GI
    • impaired swallowing and mental status
    • cant meet 100% nutrient needs (GI problem)
    • inadequate oral food intake
    • chewing/ swalloing diffuculty (odynophagia, dysphagia)
    • impaired nutrient abs (not working gut)
  2. What are contraindications for enteral nutrition?
    • diffuse peritontitis (infection of stomach)
    • GI bleeding
    • ileus or other obstruction
    • intractable nausea or vomiting
    • intubation or extubation (cant breath on own, need tube)
    • timing of medications
    • patient does not want it
  3. What is the step process of enteral nurition prescription?
    • 1. dosing weight: current (better), adjusted (overweight), ideal
    • 2. energy estimation: kcal/kg or HB and activity or stress fac.
    • 3. protein and CHO
    • 4. electrolyte and vitamin/mineral needs
    • 5. fluid
    • 6. adminstration: where to feed
    • 7. nutrition prescription
  4. what are adminstration methods and what do they stand for?
    • OG: oral gastric
    • NG: nasal gastiric
    • ND: nasal duodenum (hard because go through sm valve
    • NJ: nasal jejunum (harder because further)
    • PEG tube: G tube (gastric)
    • PEJ tube: J tube (jejunum)
  5. What are the delivery methods for enteral nutrition?
    • continuous, bolus, or intermittent
    • start rate at (10-50 ml/hr), progression (10-20 ml every 8 hrs, final rate (less than 250 ml/hr)
    • usually less than 100 for continous
  6. What are some considerations regarding elemental formulas?
    • Are for small bowel feeds, for PEJ (like peptamin 1.5)
    • abs not required-good for it
    • are chemically broken down, so lower gut use
    • high osmolality
  7. What are some considerations regarding intact protein?
    • low-moderate viscosity
    • glueten free
    • lactose free
    • need working abs/digestion
    • can use for sm bowel
    • tube feeds or supplements
    • ex: ensure
  8. what ar unique to modular formulas?
    they are added to prepared formulas to meet unique requirements (powders)
  9. What is specific for lactose free intact formulas?
    • osmolite(safe bet, no fiber)
    • jevity 1.2 (has fiber)
    • Jevity 1.5
  10. What is the difference between continuos an bolus/intermittent feeds?
    continous: over 12-24 hrs, increase in vol delivered, increased nutrient abs

    bolus: large amt over short period, ONLY with gastric feeds
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