Health Questions

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  1. What 3 things mus a diabetic constatnly keep in balance?
    healthy eating, physical activity, and insulin shots
  2. Be able to identify the examples of signs and symptoms. Know the difference.
    • signs- measure; fever
    • symptoms- feel; sore throat;
  3. What are the risk factores for diabetes?
    • -not active
    • -obese
    • -don't eat right
    • -gentics
  4. What causes allergies?
    gentics; herdity
  5. What other health problems can be caused by diabetes?
    heart disases, blindness, and kidney failure
  6. What determines a cancer victims chance of survial?
    how healthy you are and how early you get diagnosed
  7. What gland secretes insulin?
  8. What are three most common cancer treatments?
    surgery, radiation, and chemo
  9. List six symptoms of diabetes.
    • 1. excessive weight loss
    • 2. thirsty
    • 3. dry skin
    • 4. more hungry
    • 5. freaquent urination
    • 6. tired a lot
  10. What is the C for the warning signs of Cancer?
    change in bowl or bladder habits
  11. What is the A for the warning signs of Cancer?
    a sore that doesnt heal
  12. What is the U for the warning signs of Cancer?
    unusually bleeding or discharge
  13. What is the T for the warning signs of Cancer?
    thicking or lump anywhere
  14. What is the I for the warning signs of Cancer?
    indigestion or difficulty swallowing
  15. What is the O for the warning signs of Cancer?
    obvious change in a wart or mole
  16. What is the N for the warning signs of Cancer?
    nagging cough or hoarsness
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